Hey yow we’re back today, how are you guys? How was the King’s Cup week vibes felt to you? Did you know who’s the King’s Cup winner?


As the hype is still on the air right now, of course today we’re gonna talk everything about the King’s Cup II that exactly just finished.

And we are gonna give you the full recap of the Tournament.

Day 1


Like what you have known the day 1 of the tournament is all about looking for the top 8 strongest clashers that will team up with the Youtubers and the pros.

The day 1 run very tight as the 500+ challengers involved to fight their places into the top 8 through 5 heats!

As the day 1 ended, there were finally 8 challengers that finally went through to the day 2, they were


king's cup

For you guys that maybe know some of them, well congratulations that these 8 guys are the truly the kings of the game!

The same as the challengers that have fought their places, the 8 teams consisted of youtubers and pros also fought for their right to choose one of the 8 challengers to become part of their team. The format in this stage was, the team would fight for the 1st place in 2 v 2 battle.


king's cup

Here, they would be granted to be the first team to choose one of the 8 challengers if they were able to win the 1st place.

The battles were so excited as you could see the true pros and youtubers who has been in the business since the beginning were battling each other in the 2 v 2 mode.

In the end of the day, finally the winner of the 1st place was the Tower Tornados and of course they got the right to become the first team to choose one of the challenger to be their team.

In the final, they beat the Meta Maulers team that become the 2nd place to have a right to again choose one of the 8 challengers just after the Tower Tornados pick theirs.

Here are the winner list of the 8 teams


king's cup

In the end of the day 1, after Tower Tornadoes pick one of the 8 challengers then the next seven teams finally pick their own challengers.

So, finally we got the drawings for the day 2 which went like this


The drawing itself was basic on the places that the team got in the 2 v 2 battle before, which made the 1st place (Tower Tornadoes) faced the lowest place (Viva la Sparky)

The same goes to the 2nd place (Meta Maulers) faced the second lowest place (Misplaced Rockets) and goes on after finally we got the official drawing for the day 2.

Day 2

As the day 2 began, everything became more exciting because the final team consisted of the Youtubers, pros and the challengers finally had the chance to be the best team in the world and win the total 200.000 dollars prize!

The day 2 began with all the 8 teams fought their places to be in the semi-final. The four team that got their places in the semi-final would fought each other until the final and finally the two teams in the final will fight for the crown.  

The result of the day 2 until the final itself were this


king's cup

In the end the day, the two teams that had their places in the final were Viva la Sparky and Sparky Masters.

While the tournament got its finalists, the team who were losing in the semi-final (Vitamin C and Meta Maulers) fought for the the 3rd place where the winner is the Vitamin C.

In the other hand, the other losing four teams also fight for the 5th place which in the end the winner of the 5th place is the Salty Goblins.


king's cup

As the 3rd, 4th, 5th has been known, the time for the final between the mighty Viva la Sparky vs Sparky Masters also began.

If you watched the battle, it was really a tough match. The first match started with Clash of Ash vs Ted where Ted won the battle with 2 – 3. The next match, Vulkan took Ash’s place to face Ted where he managed to win with 3 – 2. That made the next Sparky Master’s (Azilys) player had to take Ted’s place.

The next match between Vulkan vs Azilys again run tight as here Vulkan had to lost with 2 – 3. This made the only person left in viva la sparky was Surgical Goblin himself. But although he was the last man standing he managed an easy win against Azilys with 3 – 0.

The final created more fire as the tier had to be defined with the last match between the Surgical Goblin vs the Sparky Master’s best player (Atchiin)

Again, the battle run very very tight as the first two matches won by Surgical Goblin made the score 2 – 0. Yet, Atchiin didn’t give up and made it tie to 2 -2 that made the very last battle was the determiner to have the champion.

And in the end, the battle ended and the winner of the King’s Cup II is


king's cup

In the very end of the day 2, we finally got the winner of the King’s Cup II which came into the Viva la Sparky team’s hand.

By watching all of the two days, the excitement was really on the air with all of things happened in the Tournament.

Me myself who only streamed the cup live on Youtube could feel just that, I Just can’t imagine what it feels to be there in Atlanta.

Well, I hope maybe in the next King’s Cup, I could manage to have my place there mate.

Put everything on your mind and all of your comments on this whole King’s Cup tournament down below in the comment section

Okay, Signing out for now, cheers!   


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