Hello, guys! It’s verdaccio. Coming to you to deliver some message from the kingdom. Today it’s all going to be a discussion about Giant Skeleton. Sit back, relax and let’s start!



A big walking bone

You can unlock the Giant Skeleton card from arena 2, the Bone Pit. That’s right, and this is a big bone from the pit. He is a ground single-targeting melee troop who carries a big bomb. He has a high amount of health points and deals average-damage. In addition, upon death, he will drop the big bomb, and it will explode in an area in 3 seconds dealing a very high damage to everything surrounding it. To deploy him, you will need 6 Elixirs. His appearance is nothing but bones, most of it, though. I don’t know what he wears, let me know guys… 

First of all, almost all advanced players consider the Giant Skeleton to be one of the troops in clash royale that needs to die to get the full advantage. For the reason of him being able to drop his bomb upon death deals massive damage to everything surround the bomb either it’s a building or troop, land or air, everything gets hit by the bomb.

Since the cost is not really that cheap, in my opinion, it quite matches with his capability. It’s just worth it guys! Look at this way, and there is a Wizard/Witch with Valkyrie/Mini P.E.K.K.A fighting with your Giant Skelly when your he defeated, he drops the bomb and kills those troops. That’s 6 for 9 Elixirs. You can use the big bone as a meat shield while the real purpose waits for him to die and explode the bomb. It is just cruel to say that his death is more useful than his lives.


Giant! No, It’s a Skeleton!

Advanced players, usually, use the big bone to counter a massive attack. They deploy him all alone, letting him die and wait for the bomb to explode then, deliver their own massive attack. I happen to use him this way, though. Sorry, bone… 

However, he can be used as a tank for your rangers, if you attack the enemy using this strategy. He’s friendlier than the Giant, and he will fight side by side alongside your rangers while Giant will leave your rangers and fall in love with building instead. There are still synergies cards to go together with him, Sparky, Bowler, Wizard, Witch, etc. You can use all of those cards to help to deliver the big bone’s bomb to the enemy’s tower.

Because of the death damage he deals, he is one the epic cards which highly recommended to be cloned. The clone card will actually make the Giant Skel double his massive attempt. Who knows, that the bomb will be just as close enough to the enemy’s tower.

Most noteworthy, if you find a player that uses a damaging building such as the Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Tesla, etc. Don’t let the big bone end up dropping his bomb near those building instead of the tower. Always deploy some support cards if you to play him offensively.



I have some situation here.


Elite Barbarians


These two pagan warriors are just a fantastic counter for the Giant Skeleton. They can drown him in damage and make drop the bomb even faster. Furthermore, the Elite Barbs will avoid the bomb damage since they will run fast right past through it.


Hog Rider/ Giant/ Ice Golem/ any building-targeting unit

hog_rider-clash-royale-kingdom giant-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Generally speaking, the cards up above are troublesome. They can make the Giant Skeleton walk back to wherever you deploy them. Yup, the big bone is rather a stupid card when they meet with these types of cards.


Minions/ any forces from the sky

Minions-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom Minion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Yeah, no kidding! Can’t do anything about this, though. All we have to do is deploying any splash damage dealer for those who can hit both land and air troops. Soldiers such as the Wizard, Witch, Baby Dragon, Fire Spirits, etc. They can be so useful in this kind of situation.


Inferno Tower


Insanely works out! The Inferno Tower will counter the Giant Skel for one Elixir advantage. Therefore, this will really be a big problem for the big bone, there are only two options, though. Either use the Lightning or Zap just right in time.


Swarm land army


Sure? Don’t you know? Seems like, ok, just deploy any splash damage cards, both unit and damaging spell like Zap will work.



Fun Fact

He is the only troop-targeting that can deal death damage.

His speed is medium, and he is the fastest tank in the game.

Upon deployment, the audience in the arena will cheer him and booed him upon death.

Death damage statistic is not displayed on his game profile card.


That’s it, guys! That’s all from me. If you have something to add, any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment guys! Let us know what you know! Life is sharing, right! Hahha… Cheers! Verdaccio, peace out!