Hi, It’s verdaccio, and I’m back with the kingdom’s file here. Today it’s going to be the discussion of the Balloon. Sit back, relax and let’s go!




You can unlock the Balloon from arena 2, The Bone Pit, or if you’re lucky, you can get it from any chests. It is the only flying epic card that targets only buildings. The Balloon deals high damage to a building and an average area damage upon death to anything surround with its bomb. The cost is 5 Elixirs to cast the Balloon. Once it casts, it will fly right toward any building that closest to its radar. 



First of all, it is a Skeleton with bombs on board of it! The Bomber, probably. The Bomber on board will drop the bomb only on buildings. Hence, this is a building-targeting card. The balloon will fly right into the enemy area to destroy the closest building. Therefore, if the enemy deploys a hut or defensive building such the Inferno Tower, Tesla, etc. It can turn the Balloon’s way from targeting the tower to target the building if it is closer to it.

Well, the Balloon is rather a tanky flying force, you can use it to deliver some damage to any close building and drop a bomb which will explode after 3 seconds. The explosion is useful against any many/numbered troops the enemy used as a counter to the Balloon such as the Archers, Bats, Minions, etc. It’s like the dropped bomb from the Giant Skeleton only the damage is not so massive, though. 

In attack, I’m sure this is the most efficient building-targeting card in the game. We can use the Balloon to replace the Giant, Golem or Lava. Also, we can use them alongside the Balloon, a combination of two building-targeting cards is just as meta as one with supports cards.


Bomber in the sky


Go go go!

Some advanced players prefer to bring the Balloon since the Balloon will be safe from any ground troops instead of a land building-targeting cards (Giant, Hog, etc). However, what if the enemy doesn’t use any air force cards? That’s the upside of bringing the Balloon. So, in my opinion, Balloon is very efficient if we compare with all building-targeting cards in the game. Even, you have to have some ranged troops in your deck to support and protect the Balloon. Relevantly, you can as well bring any spell cards as an alternative support. 

Gradual damage dealer like The Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon can be a real pain for the flying destroyer since it has a slow speed. A good placing of the Ice Spirit will be a great help, though. Still, you can make use of your Zap to be ready to reset the gradual damage or even re-target it to another troop. The most important thing is that you have to boost the Balloon speed to overcome this situation. A Tornado or Rage can be helpful. If you see rangers dealing damage to it, you use Tornado to pull them closer or use Rage to make it fly faster towards the building, and a Freeze can be useful too, though.

Kingdom's-File Balloon screeshots-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Freeze it! Freeze it fast!

Most noteworthy, Balloon is vulnerable against any swarm army in the sky, since it can’t attack units. This is the time where you have to deploy the reinforcement to support it. Well, if the enemy deploys a swarm army such as the Bats, Minion Horde, etc. You can use a spell wiper like arrows, fireball, or zap to overcome the situation. In addition, you can put a splash damage force behind it like Witch, Wizard, Executioner, etc.



Here are some cases in using the epic card.

Electro Wizard


Electro Wizard will give you some problem. If you encounter the Electro Wizard the enemy used as a countering unit to the flying bomber, you might want to deal with him first. Just find a way to wipe him out of existence. You can use any damaging spells, or maybe a damage dealer support like Wizard, Musketeer, Bomber, etc.




Clone combination, yup! This is currently considered to be the most efficient combo with any card that has a death damage effect. Once it dies, it’ll drop the bomb, and you can make a double explosion with the Clone Card.


Building as a kiting card

tombstone-clash-royale-kingdom          inferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdom

The defensive building will make your flying destroyer turn its way from going to the princess/crown tower and onto the building instead. You can use a high damaging spell for this kind of situation, a bolt of Lightning or a Rocket will be so useful, I think.


Fun Fact

The balloon has a melee range.

The regular bomb damage in life doesn’t deal area damage, but upon death, it deals area damage.

The regular damage it deals, have the same amount of the Mini P.E.K.K.A’s health, same level, of course.

That is all from me. If you find it helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, guys! Till next time!