It’s the end of September everybodee! So excited for October, who else excited? Only me? Okay.


But don’t worry because for in this ending of September there is something very very exciting is happening because this is never even happened in Clash Royale.

Yap, as what you have seen in the spoiler of the next update before, a new game mode has arrived.

But different from the previous game mode, this new game mode will break the principal rules of the Clash Royale because this new game mode will not include any single tower!

It is true, not kidding at all and the new game mode is called the 2 v 2 Touchdown!

Touchdown? If you are thinking about Touchdown in American Football then you are absolutely right?

This new game mode is basically where you and your friend will fight your own line to prevent your opponent’s troops reach it. If one of your enemy’s troops is able to reach your line and make the touchdown, then they will win the battle.


The same with you, you have to be able to attack and put your best strategy and troops to reach your enemy’s main line to make the touchdown.

So, this is basically how good you are in attacking while also defending your line.

You will have your own line in the game and one for your opponent. So you have to begin to make the touchdown.

The match will last for 3 minutes, and the team that first make 3 Touchdown will win the battle. So. There will be several rounds in every single game until the 3 minutes is finished. As usual, the last minute the elixir will recharge two times faster.


In case of there is a tie happens, there will be 3 minutes of sudden death where the one who make the next Touchdown will win.

Not only that, in each start of your match you have to draft your decks makes you have to be ready to pick the best card for your decks quickly.

This brand new game mode itself will arrive soon once the Epic Quests Update is released. It will not too long away.

Since this new 2 v 2 Touchdown is the first game mode that will happen in Clash Royale, it will be super fun for sure. So get yourself ready for that!

Don’t’ forget to put your thoughts about this exciting new game mode in the comment section down below.

I’m signing out for now, see you later, cheers