It’s a wrong way to face tank cards! People sometimes make mistake, including in playing Clash Royale. So, today we would reveal one of the common mistakes made by players.


You know, it’s not rare to see any tank cards in battles you’re in. The cards are almost and always used by so many players in their deck. Since the cards are just easy to use, they find them sufficient to include in their game plan.

Therefore, today we’d like to give you some tips on what you should never do when you face any tank cards in the game.

The Tanks

We have the tank cards from certain arenas. Almost all of them are a building-targeting card, a melee troop with high health points and average damage except for the royal giant.

The cards mostly cost 5+ elixirs to deploy. They are all are large and sluggish but, powerful. As what they are called, their main role in the game is to absorb all the enemy’s attack and protecting the troops behind them.

As they are dangerous cards, sometimes the players face them in wrong ways. Therefore, here is the list things that you should not do to face all of them.  

Use a Spell That Doesn’t Kill

It’s your right to be panicked, but try to be calm. When you have an enemy who uses tanks as their attacking style, relax. Try to think about how to stop it once and for all, not just to eliminate most of his health.

Many players believe that it’s wise to get rid of some of the tank’s health yet there’s no spell card in the entire arena can kill it instantly with. Therefore, it won’t be effective and you just spend your elixir for nothing.

Try to use your troops or defensive building. And keep in mind that the one needs to be destroyed the supporting army behind. Thus, if you want to use a damage dealer spell, then target the back support, not the shield.

Spell Cards wouldn’t kill a tank right away

Focus on killing the Tank First

Yes, never do this. When you deploy your army aimed to kill the tank first, it’s just wrong. Many players use their troops close enough to the tank and let them target the tank.

This is what I called a losing situation. When your forces end up running toward the tank and making the supporting army behind unharmed, it’s safe to say that you just lost a battle, lost trophies and got humiliated.

Instead of doing this, you can let them arrive in your area and take a swing or two at your tower, and you can deploy your defending troops close enough to the supporting army behind the tank. The point is, just try always to kill the supporting army behind a tank first, and don’t worry about your tower damaged a little.


Don’t be distracted to kill the tank first


Use a Spawn Building as Diversion

This is not really a smart move. First, you’ll have a disadvantage in elixir. Second, you’ll be wasting an opportunity to create an attempt.

A spawn building is meant to create a walking brick wall or a wave of a soldier. Some players use them as a diversion and think about luring the tank away from the tower.

However, the tank comes through because he and his supporting army will quickly destroy the building.  

The point is that we need to think about the trading elixir you’ll be used to exchange the enemy’s attack with your defence strategy.

Use a Defensive Building Ineffectively

So many players in the world use defensive building whenever they see a tank’s coming their way. It could be an excellent way to deal with it if the timing and placing are perfect.

Frequently, players will deploy, for example, Inferno Tower to kill the tank and let the tank target the Inferno Tower first. Well, it’s not wrong but there’s a sufficient way for this trick.

Since tank users are always brought Zap to their game, it can reset the tower and make the Inferno User will end up wasted their 5 elixirs.

We can let the tank get nearer to our main tower before we launch the Inferno Tower. This way, even a Zap is used, the tank’s support has already targeted the tower. You can use your troops like a Knight, Valkyrie, Barbarians, or Mini PEKKA to eliminate the support first.


beware of the placing

Well, that’s the common mistake made by some players to face a tank card. There are still more mistakes sometimes made in playing Clash Royale, but we would reveal them later. So, stay tuned.

You have something to in your mind to say? As usual feel free to use the comment section down below to express it all mate.

Love you all, have a blessing day!