Good afternoon you beautiful people all over the world! Make your best afternoon with drinking a cup of hot tea. Well, that is what’s s in my mind by now, I don’t really like tea. But I think that would make a good intro to a news haha sorry, pal.


Today’s news is a good thing to tell because one of my favourite cards in Clash Royale will have a brother and sooner will be available to put onto your decks. A brother? Yap a brother, and my favourite card is Baby Dragon.

Exactly what you think, yes the new card is somehow is a brother of the Baby Dragon, not sure he is the older or the younger one. And he is a new legendary card! Wondering what his name is? The new legendary card name is INFERNO DRAGON!

Inferno Dragon is the latest legendary card that will be arrived soon to the game and all about him is exciting, I don’t know if this would be a subjective view because I like him too much but here we got sneak peeks about this another cute air forces.

From what he appears to be, he is more likely the same as Baby Dragon but the difference is he has this kind of mask protecting his face. He also has this kind of barrel on his back where he carries it wherever he goes. We still don’t know what is in the barrel, but we bet it is likely to fuel where he uses it to launch his attack”. He still looks cute anyway.


attack” is very special compared to the other cards. Compare to his brother, the fire that produced by the Inferno Dragon is more dangerous. The fire that produced by the him even can destroy a tower in seconds since the fire that burns is much hotter than what Baby Dragon produced.


The fire that spewed by the Inferno Dragon is somehow the same as what Inferno Tower produce. So it is very dangerous just by imagining it. Not only can destroy a tower just by himself, the Inferno Dragon can kill almost every troops in the battlefield even the most stronger cards like Tanks.

He can easily dismiss Giant or even a P.E.K.K.A just by vomiting his fire into them. Yap. It is very effective to use him dismissing the high hitpoints troops.

The other unique of the fire that he produces is the fire has 3 tiers of heat. The tier 1 the damage deals 9% for the first two seconds, the tier 2 also for two seconds it produces 20% damage and the last one the tier 3 will deal every of your enemy’s troops with 100% damage. And once it happened then it will burns everything without any exception.


The other funny option to use the Inferno Dragon is to pair him with his brother Baby Dragon. With pairing them with a team of course it will make your air troops is very dangerous as they will cover each other and double the damage effect to your enemy’s troops.

But like other cards, it doesn’t make the Inferno Dragon doesn’t have weaknesses. The Inferno Dragon is a very one targeting card, so if the targets and attacks one kind of his enemy than he will not move until it is dismissed. So once he is attacking a troop then he will be vulnerable to attack by the other troops.

After attacking or dismissing a troop then it will also take more time to re-target the other troops. The other weakness of the Inferno Dragon is he is a slow-moving card compare to the other air forces or even to his brother.

There are certain cards that will be effective to counter the Inferno Dragon. To use the swarm air army like minion horde could do it as the Inferno Dragon can’t attack them at once. The other is to use the Inferno Tower as the tower could easily dismiss him.

The other way is to distract the Inferno Dragon. You can use the Goblins or Skeletons to distract or just slow him down, then use another card to get rid of him.

The legendary Inferno Dragon itself will cost 4 your elixirs, by looking at his power and all of his unique I think the Inferno Dragon could easily make a space in your deck once you are able to get him.

Yop, make sure you guys put everything in your mind about this cute flying beast in the comment section below

Have a nice afternoon, me signing out, ciao!