Surprise all of the enemies with the Raging Inferno Dragon Miner deck! That’s what we would try to do this time.


Okay, the uncle is here again and I am here to present the most recent suggestion of a deck that we think effective to use in a battle.

And without wasting time, let’s check out the deck

Raging Inferno Dragon Miner deck

inferno dragon miner deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck

Like what you see above, there are Inferno Dragon and Miner that later will be our main cards to crush the tower. First of all, take a look at each of the card’s description.


Baby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinion-Horde-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-armyzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Baby Dragon will be a versatile card in this deck. He is great to use to attack or defend. We would maximize his versatility here according to what the enemy response.

The same as the Baby Dragon, Minion Horde will be used by us according to what the response of your enemy.

Skeleton Army like what you know is the most effective swarm army. They will be the one to prevent a tank of opponents to reach your tower.

We got Zap here. The spell card is the card to clear all the cheap cards. Goblins, Skeletons and the Minions all of them.

Main cards

Inferno-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMiner Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomRage Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomwitch-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Witch is everyone’s favourite card. She can do all of the tasks. Attacking the ground, attacking the air, creating swarm army. All of them. Using her to create pushing is all you need.

We have a Rage spell over here. The card will be the one responsible to faster and rage all of our troops in crushing the opponents.

Then we got Miner as one of our mine cards here. He is the legendary card that could be deployed wherever in the arena. We would maximize on that to put him right to the enemy’s tower.

Of course, we have our main attacking card, the Inferno Dragon! His burning fire is just so dangerous once it targets an opponent. The fire that he spits will keep hotter and that’s exactly why we’re maximizing it.


Early battle

We would not wait for too long. We would try to surprise the opponent. But wait for your elixir is full first.

Once it is full then wait no more. Summon the Inferno Dragon right on the bridge and the Miner right behind the enemy’s tower that you target.

This is the surprise! Shock the enemy. Of course, the enemy would counter back but they just can’t resist that one of their towers is damaging.

To finish the job, you can deploy your Witch or Baby Dragon just accompany our first combo from the back. Just to finish the damaged tower.

 Surprise the enemy right from the start

Last Minute –  Sudden Death

In the last minute, you can either defend or attack. If you decide to attack, then you can use the same strategy.

But since this moment the elixir is doubled then don’t hesitate to keep deploying. This time you can use the Rage to rage the Inferno Dragon and Miner. Just to rage them and finish another tower.

The other card in this deck is also versatile to defend. It is again depending on the situation in the battle. If you are pushed to defend, then all of this card is great to do so.

The raging Inferno Dragon Miner


We would aim to finish a tower as soon as possible by using this deck. But the versatility of each of the card will help you to face all kind of situation in the battle.

so, what do you think guys? If you have something in your mind then feel free to say it all in the comment section down below, mate.

Okay, happy weekend everyone, love you all, cheers!