Howdy people of the world! Today I have good news for players in high level because I have a new stable deck for the ice wizard. After so many matchup decks to complete. Finally, I found the best matchup for ice wizard where we can fully maximize his ability.

You might find it unfamiliar because of the combination. If you’re confused, let me explicate it for you.




Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck

The deck up above is still optional, though. If you want to replace some of them with the cards, you’re comfortable with. Be my guest! As long as the characterization the cards are still similar.




Bats & Cannon Cart



Bats and cannon cart are both have a quick movement. We can use cannon cart as our endgame kind of card. Since it can roll over fast to arrive in enemy’s area. Whereas Bats is the one card that can give some little but bursting damage to enemy’s troops. Bats will help you in dealing with any kind of attacks that the enemy send you. 



Graveyard and Ice Wizard

graveyard-card-clash-royale-kingdomice wizard card-clash-royale-kingdom


Since we have an entirely not expensive deck right here. I was going to say cheap but uh… Anyway, we can play with the graveyard and ice wizard because of its affordable elixir. What do you mean by accessible? I mean… the combo cost is less than 10, honey. Oh ok! Or we can go with Graveyard Poison, but I suggest you pick Ice wizard as your first choice, though. Ice wizard can join the fight while poisoning, well… you know.



Poison and Tornado



Here is another thing. After doing the graveyard ice wizard, if you have extra elixirs, you can give use your poison, though. It just makes the whole new level of the combo, more toxic with freezing shots and nuclear area. As for the tornado…



Knight and Mega Minion



We should have the knight and the mega minion on our list after the attacking combo. Here we come to the defense mechanism. Knight’s job description is to kite and work as a diversion. He has to distract any incoming troops that attack the tower. As for mega minion, this flying iron is the one we need to deal with air building-targeting cards such as the balloon or lava hound. Mega minion is instead a tanky troop, and this guy can take baby dragon in one v one situation.



Well, that’s all from me for now. Thank you clahsers, don’t forget to share it with your fellow clan mates, enjoy!