Hi there, I’m JohnnyBoy here ready to give you the refined version of the best Ice Wizard cycling deck. Let’s see how to combine several cheap cards with this best Ice Wizard deck. Also, I will give you best way of how to play this ice wizard deck in excellent way. This is it, best Ice Wizard cycling deck! 


I already wrote several Ice Wizard decks along with brief explanation about the best way to win with Ice Wizard. If you love playing with ice wizard, you can check out my previous article. 

In this deck, we set hog rider as our primary counter card. We are gonna use a lot of Ice Wizard on the field and use him as primary support. 

Best Ice Wizard cycling deck

Average elixir cost : 3.1



ice wizard card-clash-royale-kingdomhog rider-building targeting card clash royale

We are going to send hog rider to come forward and connect to the enemy’s tower as the leader of counter push. So, make sure that you have ice wizard in defending so he could join counter push with hog rider. 

Here, ice wizard can excellently protect hog rider by slowing down enemy’s defenders. Not only ice wizard, we also send another support to help giving damage too. 


Besides ice wizard and hog rider, we have mega minion and tombstone which we use for defense. Mega minion is a good option for cheap card due to its good damage and resistance. 

Another reason why I recommend you to pick mega minion because we need air troop to deal damage on ground and air units. 


Tombstone is good for distraction guys. If you want to play cycling deck, one of best defense strategy is distraction. Since this is ice wizard cycling deck, you can send your ice wizard to help defense.

Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

Skeletons is important for card rotation and I strongly advise you to pick it. We can use them to distract Pekka or fail Prince charge. 


I often combine rocket with hog rider in counter push. Aim the rocket on the tower along with defenders so you’ll get tower damage and kill the defenders. 

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

The log is best cheap spell which we can use to support hog rider in counter push. Besides that, we can also deploy the log to defend against ground units. 


Lastly, we have tornado. Use tornado to move away the enemy’s defenders that interrupt hog rider. By having this, we can make sure our hog rider to have several hits on the tower. 

Additionally, if you familiar with rocket tornado combo, you can play the combo in order to get excellent defense and counter. 

Attacking and defending

Keep in mind, our countering roots from strong defending. So, we basically deploy hog rider on the bridge to lead survived defenders in counter attack. 

To have excellent defense, make sure to have ice wizard and mega minion to give great damage on incoming troops. Additionally, we can distract the enemy by placing the tombstone in the middle of the lane.

Distract to the middle, then send ice wizard

When the enemy gets distracted to the middle, deploy ice wizard or mega minion to deal damage on incoming troops. 

Mega minion to give greater damage

Not only mega minion, use spells too in order to make sure the land is secure.

Tornado to anticipate incoming troops

After making sure the land is secure, go on counter attack. It would be better if you have survived defenders to continue counter attack with hog rider. Otherwise, you can still go on counter with hog rider combined with rocket. 

Aim rocket on tower and the defender

Although we have rocket, we should prioritize counter push with hog rider and ice wizard. Once hog rider and ice wizard get into enemy territory, deploy mega minion to join. 

Last move, use spells to strengthen your countering. 


Playing using this deck is easy peasy lemon squeezy but, if you still have something to ask, feel free. See you in next article and Good luck!