Hi, all my favorite kids all over the globe! Back with your charming uncle and as usual I am here to present you all things happen in the Clash Royale world community.


So for today, we got some rumors that there will be four cards that will arrive soon in the upcoming updates. And it is all right! Today we have figured out not only one but two of the cards completed with their name and some of their abilities. Massive, right?

Okay, enough. For today’s Sneak Peek article, we’ll be focused more on the first card. The second card will be coming up later today.

The first card is called Ice Spirit. A Spirit? Yap the new card is a spirit with all of its freezing features.

The ice spirit appearance is more like the cute cookie you got in Christmas completed with that cutie smile in its face, but the smile is somehow terrifying. Well that’s how I feel, sorry.

It has this tiny arms and legs, teeth and also hairs that make it look far away from what you imagine when hearing a word spirit. Its appearance is more likely the same as Fire Spirit but with the all of the icy content. I don’t think they are brothers, anyway.


The main ability of the Ice Spirit is it can freeze anything in the battlefield. Not kidding, the card will have this ability to jump to where the enemy stands and freeze them all so they will not move for seconds.

This act will make the Ice Spirit kills itself like a kamikaze act though but it is all worth since it can freeze all of the troops. All of the troops that hit by this suicide act will be freeze for 2 seconds make them just sit there and can’t move. Not only freezing them, it will also reduce the hitpoints of the affected troops.


The ice spirit will be a very effective card for defense since it will block all of the troops that marching on onto your defensive line. It can freeze your enemy’s attacking troops like Goblins, musketeer or even a Tank Card like Dark Prince to stop his pace for the 2 second times. 

Not only the ground troops, by jumping the Ice Spirit could also stop the air troops like the Minions or even the Baby Dragon. This is good since it will prevent them to reach your tower so then you can use your other troops to counter or dismiss them.



Not only for defending, the Ice Spirit could also be useful to attack. The most effective way is by using it to freeze your enemy’s tower.

Ice Spirit Sneak Peek-Clash-Royal-Kingdom

Once an Ice Spirit can reach near the tower and use its freeze, then the tower will stop arrowing your other troops, so again it will be easier for them to attack the freezing tower right away without being distracted.

This new Ice Spirit is only cost 1 of your elixir. By seeing its power above, well sure this new cool spirit will have a place in your decks.

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The uncle’s out here, sayonara!