He is the cool brother of the Golem, call him the Ice Golem.


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Okay, back to the game. Our own series the Kingdom’s file is here again here to discuss a card that maybe one of your favourite cards.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for now, the card that we will talk about I think is quite popular in the Clash Royale. The card that we will talk about for now is called the Ice Golem!


The card is icy and cold ready to cool down your heavy running. It could be said that the Ice Golem is the cooler but lazy brother of our beloved Golem. Well, that’s my opinion when seeing his appearance.


The appearance of the Ice Golem is he has this scary face (the same with his brother tho) but covered with full of ice. He is like that scary snow clown, really. Not only his face, his entire body is also full made of ice. Makes his appearance for me is pleasing in the eye.     

The card itself can be found and unlocked as soon as you entering the Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). The card then categorized as a rare troop where he will spend 2 of your elixir to be deployed on a battlefield.  

The Cool Brother

The main power of Ice Golem is he is a troop that concentrates to destroy buildings, so like a Giant and his brother of course, he can destroy a building once he reaches near it. But not like a Giant he does not really have that strong power like a usual Tank card.


The walking ice

He doesn’t have such a big damage like the other Tank and it is easy to say that he is a very slow card. Just like what I said he is the cooler but the lazier brother. Different from his Golem brother, he doesn’t have that strong hitpoints so he is not really that hard to dismiss.

Although he is maybe the weakest tank, it doesn’t mean that he can’t tank the troops behind him. To use him with a Musketeer behind would be good since the Ice Golem can protect the Musketeer to keep launch her bullet and create the pushing

This combo is more devastating if it is combined with a Goblin Barrel where the Goblin Barrel will finish the pushing by being thrown right into the enemy’s tower.


The Icy Musket Barrel combo

But once the Ice Golem is dismissed he will explode that can produce a death damage to troops near him. Don’t underestimate his death damage since it can kill troops like skeletons or the clone troops.

The death damage of the card itself is can slow down the troops that were hit for two seconds make your enemy’s marching on enemy will hold their steps for a while.  

The most effective time to use the Ice Golem is using him as a slowing down card in your defensive line. When your enemy’s troops are marching onto your line, then it is best to summon him to slow down and distract your enemy’s troops to treat him first before attacking the tower.

The more to use his power is you can use him as the mini-tank to put him in front of your fav attacking troops like Hog Rider for example as again the Ice Golem will distract every troop around him.

Distract the troops

The only 2 elixir that used also is effective for you to cycle the deck if you have more useful card in a certain situation that comes next.


The Ice Golem itself only spend 2 of your elixir. So, for only spending 2 of your elixir and by looking at his abilities, I’m sure the Ice Golem somehow will make a space for your deck. 

I like him by the way. For you guys that maybe have some different opinion then you can express it all here in the Kingdom’s file.

If you also have some more interesting tips for using the card then feel free to use the comment section down below to share it all.

Alright, I’m out for now, see you guys next time!