For those who have been looking for a strong Clash Royale deck with Hunter in it, this it! The new Hunter deck with Elite Barbarian as winning condition. Let’s learn how to utilize Elite Barbarian in the ultimate Hunter deck. See how Hunter works as a deadly short ranger.


Hey there, you are here with JohnnyBoy, and I’m ready to rock your day by giving you an ultimate Hunter deck, yet, this is so strong. If you play with Hunter, sometimes you don’t know how to maximize his performance. Well, in general, Hunter is a very good defense card guys. Let’s see the deck matchups first before we dive in to the strategy battle.

Ultimate Hunter Deck

Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

First thing I would like to emphasize is that you can’t use Hunter as winning condition. That’s the fact guys. No matter how you set your deck, you need to set him as support for the winning condition, not as winning condition. Hunter doesn’t have fast movement, not a tanker, and he deals low damage point.

But, if you set him as support, you don’t need to worry to manage destroying the enemy’s tower. You need to accept the fact that Hunter can’t be the only winning condition. Here, we will utilize his short-range ability to support Elite Barbarians.


Alright, we have Elite Barbarians which we will deploy on the bridge. I often use Elite Barbarians in combination with Witch or Valkyrie in countering.


Next, we will have several ground troops, strong troops which are important for defense. They are, Valkyrie, Witch, Knight, and of course Hunter.

We can use Valkyrie and Knight alternately to receive damage from the enemy’s troops. They have high HP that we can utilize. While so, we can send Hunter to shoot the enemy. And make sure to deploy him right on the face of any troops so you won’t take long time to kill them.

Different with Witch, I often use Witch to support Elite Barbarian in 2x elixir. Make sure to always deploy her behind the crown tower because we will utilize her skeletons to keep the enemy busy. She’s very useful whenever we have air counter.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Speaking of air counter, we have Minions that we can use to defend the lane from any air troops. But make sure to combine them with the high HP ground troops. Troops like Minions will have maximum performance if we have damage receiver while Minions keep on spitting the enemy.


Lastly, we have Zap. We can use Zap to execute Bats, Goblins, Skeleton Army, or to reduce half HP of Minions. But, if you are in higher arena, you’ll likely to meet Inferno card or Sparky. Use Zap to reset their deadly beam bullet.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you better play defensive guys. And after play defense, you counter push with Elite Barbarians as bridge spam.

Here, make sure that you have a strong defense. Use every ground troops that you have on the list. And remember that the first card you need to deploy is high HP troops, Valkyrie or Knight. Then, you deploy one or two more troops to add extra damage on incoming troops.


Valkyrie first to distract, and next card depends on enemy’s card

If you need Witch somewhat to defend the lane, make sure to deploy her in safe area. Don’t place her too close to the enemy’s troops. We need her to live longer to utilize its skeletons.


Skeletons are handy, for distracting big retarded troops

Additionally, if the enemy attacks with any tanker with high HP, you just need to deploy Inferno Dragon. This time, we can play effective defense since we only spend 4 elixir to kill tanker that mostly cost above 4 elixir.

Alright, after you defend with ground troops, counter push with Elite Barbarians on the bridge. If you have survived defenders, that will be better because that defenders will help Elite Barbarians delivering damage on countering.

If you have more that one ground troops that have reliable HP, I’m sure 100% that you can manage to secure the lane.

What to do in late game?

The way you play in late game is pretty similar to the early game. However, you can play more bridge spam with Elite Barbarians. Before doing bridge spam, make sure you finish defense first.

Guys, we have a very strong defense deck here, and our only attacker is Elite Barbarians. And if you have a strong defense, you’ll likely to have a very strong counter push.

Another counter archetype in 2x elixir is to build beatdown counter with Witch. You can do it by sending her behind crown tower. Then, after your elixir recharge, deploy Valkyrie in front of Witch. Once you have these two cards, you can either put Hunter or Elite Barbarians to go on countering. If you decide to deploy Hunter, you’ll see how incredible he is in supporting the troop in front of him.

This is what happens if you decide to counter push with Hunter

The closer enemy try to approach Valkyrie, the greater Hunter’s damage would be. Not only that, the bullets of Hunter will pierce, that’s good if the enemy’s defenders are in line to the tower, you’ll get tower damage here.

Card replacement


Substitute Knight with Executioner


In conclusion, you need to get used to play Hunter if you really wanna know how his performance is. This deck is called Hunter deck because we utilize Hunter as an excellent support, in short range behind the tanker or tiny tanker.

Let me know if you have another strategy for Hunter, or maybe you play with Hunter deck, let me know. Good luck guys!