Hunter the close combat shooter!


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Okay, you are back with me the wasted uncle, and today the Kingdom’s file will discuss one the exciting cards in the game because he is one of the newest figures in the game. You know his name from the first sentence of this article anyway.

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

Hunter Intro

As you know, Hunter is one of the newest cards in the game alongside Zappies and the legendary Royal Ghost. Hunter is categorized as an Epic card where you can unlock or find him in the Arena 9 (Jungle Arena).


hunter clash royale-intro

The appearance of Hunter is quite funny, I think. He has this heavy thick eyebrows and moustache. I don’t know if he still can see with that heavy eyebrow. Maybe he is in a midlife crises period, I don’t know.

He is wearing this Russian hat that is possibly to keep his body warm while hunting. He has this big pistol in his hand that will be his main ability in a battle. The card itself will cost 4 of your elixirs if you want to use him in a battle.

The Close Combat Shooter

Hunter is a shooter. Like mentioned above, he has this big pistol that later he will use to attack all the enemies up front.  The unique thing about the pistol, he can shot not only one bullet, but many at once.

This makes Hunter can create a quite devastating area damage. One more unique thing is he is a close combat fighter. So, although he is a shooter, he is more effective when shooting in close range rather than from range.

Once he is close to an enemy’s face, then the damage effect he creates is devastating as it can dismiss the enemy right away.


Execute the Executioner in a close combat

He is great to use as a defending troop as you can place him right into the marching on enemy’s face. This could make unleash his full capability in close combat to distract the pushing of your opponent.

He also has reliable hitpoints. Make him will be not so easy to dismiss by the enemies and makes him again a good defender.

He will do great to counter the Goblin Barrel once the Goblin arrives at your tower. He could punish them using his bullets with an effortless act.

If he is doing a one on one battle with the tough girl Valkyrie then Hunter will be out as a winner as the bullets could crush her down.

Not only to use as a defender, Hunter also is a good card to use as an attacking force. But it is best to accompany him to the other card. Most effectively behind a tank. You can accompany him with Golem to tank him while he can help the Golem having a clear way to the enemy’s tower.


Pair him with the tankie Golem in front

But although he can spread area damage using his bullets it doesn’t mean that he can clear the swarm army like Skeleton Army. The bones will still surround the Hunter and tear him apart as the bullets can only spread in one direction.

You also can’t ignore that Hunter can attack the air. Yep, he can face all the air troops. So, you must be careful if you decide to use Baby Dragon or the Minions to counter him, although a horde could be great surround him kill him.

This is also could make him to prevent a Balloon to reach your tower. Again, this proves that he is just a great card to defend.


Not worrying about the air attacks



As one of the newest cards in the game, well Hunter is one of my favourites since he just can offer so much to the gameplay. Once you get the card, I am sure he will have a spot in one of your decks.

You are in the Kingdom’s file here, so you are all free to express all of your opinions on the card. therefore, if you guys disagree or have something to add to what mentioned above then you can discuss it here.

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