Some of Clash Royale players might know already that Flying Machine is one of excellent support for Hog Rider deck. Now, we will learn a strategy how to play Hog Rider Flying Machine deck in correct way. The key is to have a strong defense. What else? This is it, Hog Rider Flying Machine deck!


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy who ready to help you master Clash Royale strategy. And in this article, we will talk about Hog Rider Flying Machine deck where we will reveal Flying Machine as an excellent support for Hog Rider deck. Also, by the end of this article, I will show you video gameplay in real battle! 

The key of playing with this is to have a strong defense line up and the countering rely on counter push with Hog Rider. And where’s the Flying Machine? When to deploy the machine? Alright, let’s see the deck matchups first before we go on strategy.

Hog Rider Flying Machine deck


Average elixir cost : 3.5

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As you can see that we have Valkyrie. Recently, I’ve been playing with Valkyrie as no.1 defense card. For me personally, if you have Valkyrie within the deck, you’ll have a very strong defense and moreover, you will play the battle so efficiently.

What I mean by playing efficiently is that you only need to launch a Valkyrie to handle light counter, not a massive counter. Dealing with area damage too, so you don’t need to deploy anymore cards to clean up territory.


Next, we have Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon. It is obvious that these 2 cards are defense card. If you are in higher arena, you should prepare for massive counter especially beat down counter. Use Inferno Dragon to kill heavy tanker such as Pekka, Mega Knight, Golem, Lava Hound. Not only has a good performance in handling beat down counter, you can use Inferno Dragon to kill single troops as well, so it’s flexible.

And for the Baby Dragon, we can use the dragon to specifically handle Minion Horde or when you defend against Night Witch or Witch counter.

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

Another defense card is Tesla. I often use Tesla when defending against Hog Rider deck or Battle Ram. Any bridge spam counter will be so easy to handle if we have Tesla which distract those cards. From the bridge, the bridge spam will go to the middle first and dealing with Tesla.


We also have Goblins. This is a cheap card that we can use so flexibly. In defending, we can use them to help Tesla or to help Valkyrie. These 3 goblins are like assassins. After the enemy’s card is locked on Valkyrie or Dragons, send the Goblins to stab from behind.  

When you counter push with Hog Rider, you can send the Goblins. They will put enemy in hard times and distract enemy cards or tower.

What to do in early game?

In early battle, you should play defensively. Otherwise, you can start by cycling Goblins in order to bait the enemy to counter first.

When enemy finally counters, you see what kind of countering they run. If they counter with ground units, send Valkyrie first. Afterwards, you can send Flying Machine.

Here is the thing that you should remember, try to have Flying Machine in defending. This is the perfect timing to deploy the machine. Try as hard as you can to make it survive.


In defending, Valkyrie is a must, especially against ground counter

After you defend with Valkyrie and Flying Machine, you might need to deploy any more card, if the enemy runs massive counter. But if the counter is not massive, don’t deploy more cards.

Alright, if Flying Machine is finally survive, you deploy Hog Rider on the bridge as counter push. This Hog Rider Flying Machine counter is very good where we will have Flying Machine keep locked on the tower.


Hog on the bridge after defending

When you have Flying Machine in countering, deploy Goblins, or just support the counter with Zap spell. This time, we expect Flying Machine to have more shoots.

What to do in late game?

In 2x elixir, you still play similar defense and counter push. But, you deploy more cards in defending and when counter push.

If you have Valkyrie already, deploy Baby Dragon or Inferno Dragon. Then, send Flying Machine. The best positioning for Flying Machine is behind princess tower. Just make it invisible.

Then you go on counter push with Hog Rider. In this counter push, you add more card to make harder push. Deploy one of the dragon, Goblins, and if possible, Valkyrie.

This is counter push with Hog Rider

Still, right after defending, you send Hog Rider first on the bridge. Behind the rider, you’ll have more than 2 cards ready to destroy the tower. So, Hog Rider will be right in front of survived defenders.

Lastly, support this counter with Zap.

Card replacement

goblins-card-clash-royale-kingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Goblins with Minions


Herewith, I give you video gameplay, there are 2 gameplays in challenge and 1v1 battle. This proves that Hog Rider Flying deck is usable in higher arena and challenge. See carefully how I defend, and how I start counter push with Hog Rider. Enjoy!


As to conclude, your success will depend on how strong the defense. Focus on defense, and then Hog Rider on the bridge.

Make sure you have Flying Machine on defending, so you’ll have it in countering. In countering, you should be more focus on making the machine invisible. Send Goblins or Valkyrie or anything with high HP to be tower target after Hog Rider dies. Do this on 2x elixir only.

Of course, if you are first time playing with Hog Rider Flying Machine deck, you’ll be so hard to adjust. It needs time to get used too. I hope this article can be useful for you, Good luck my friends!