Hello good morning clashers! You are here with me again JohnnyBoy and I’m ready to give you another useful Balloon Hog Rider Deck along with the strategies you can run. As we all know that both cards are building targeting cards. Both have a very high damage power and no one should let them free. Moreover, we are gonna be combining both cards in one countering line. This is so simple for you, yet this is gonna be so hard for the enemy to counter. None even building cards could stop these two. Inferno tower won’t be matter since we will stand by zap spell.

The higher your balloon and hog level are, the better the result would be. It is because we won’t have any tanker or damage receiver for this. We purely just count on both card as to be in a front row.

Of course, we will bring one area dealer and I recommend you to include executioner. Or if you don’t have executioner, you can replace it with fire wizard. The area dealer will and should be stand behind the balloon and hog rider.

Hog rider is faster than the balloon, he would be in front and be enemy’s first target. That’s okay, I indeed set the hog rider to be in front and be the first target. Why? Since hog rider is faster, he connects to the tower first than any other. Furthermore, he would be able to make one or two hits on the tower.

Meanwhile, we keep the balloon HP in order to let it lives longer and be able to drop more than one bomb. Balloon has higher damage than hog rider has. That’s why we need it to be behind hog rider. Not forget to mention that balloon has bomb after death effect that can cause serious problem to the tower and troops standing near it.

Alright, that’s the general picture of what we are gonna be doing in this Hog Rider Deck. Now, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.4

Play This Deck

As you can see that we will have rage spell included in the deck. We use rage whenever we go on countering only. Don’t use rage for defense because we need to fasten the balloon in countering.

For our best defense, we have skeleton army and minions. These two are the swarmy which we use to counter non-area dealer. So, whenever you are up against elite barbarians, pekka, and other single melee, you leash these swarmy to shut them.


3 minions shut inferno and sparky counter

We will bring Princess as well. Although we have executioner already, I think we need one more area dealer. That is because in some cases, you need two rearguards to cover the countering line up. So, if you have executioner behind hog rider and balloon, you can leash the princess in order to support the executioner.

Princess will be so handy in defense too. She can kill minion horde pretty easily, in case you face to face with minion horde. Having princess like that will enable us to have executioner in countering after defending.

It seems like this deck doesn’t have any great dealer to counter beat down deck such as golem or lava deck. That is because we will play aggressively and counter first. That’s okay if the enemy sends their golem or lava. Right after they send those expensive troops, we send hog balloon. That gives enemy great pressure because we counter with faster and higher damage troops while they already spent 8 or 7 elixir. They will be most likely running out of elixir to deploy defensive troops. So, play aggressively.


After enemy spent elixir for sparky, leash hog and balloon immediately

How to counter?

Alright, the countering strategy will be very simple. All you need to do is to wait till hog rider and balloon ready on the list. If you don’t have them at one list, rotate the card. Throw minions will be just fine. Wait till elixir reaches full bar before you deploy hog rider.

So, once you have required list, deploy the hog rider at the first place. Right after, deploy balloon after the hog. These two cards combo will be just fine and quite shocking. Especially if we run this right at first attempt.

There is one strategy you could do to run the first attempt. If you have balloon and hog rider ready at the first list, you can wait till enemy launches any cards. At that moment, the enemy spends their elixir for unknown reason. And yours is clear, to deploy balloon and hog at the first place.

Moreover, place the balloon and hog rider on the opposite lane side from where the enemy sends theirs. What do you think about the way to stop this counter?


We probably need to defend some time, but not too often. It is because after the first counter, we will initiate the second counter. So, after the first attempt, you defend with skeleton army or minions or princess. Throw those defense cards in order to get hog rider and balloon ready on the list. See the pattern yet?

Executioner or wizard in Hog Rider Deck?

What do you think better? They are pretty similar actually. Both of them deal great area damage. However, there’s a slight different; executioner has higher HP than wizard. That’s probably the reason why I prefer executioner. Having higher HP rearguard will enable us to have longer protection for balloon and hog rider. Yet, still they are pretty similar, decision is yours.

Rage to Complete Hog Rider Deck

Balloon and Hog Rider already cost you 9 elixir, then how can you have executioner, rage, and both dealer at once in countering line up? Easy, you need to deploy the executioner behind crown tower. Then wait till the executioner about to enter the bridge. Right before he enters enemy territory, leash hog rider. Afterwards, send balloon. Executioner will stand behind balloon although he is leashed before balloon. He is kind of ranger that he swings his axe from distance.

At this moment, after you have balloon, hog rider, executioner on countering line up, you need 2 elixir for rage. That won’t be too long. Once you reach 2 elixir, put the rage spell on those counter line up. This is the greatest counter of this deck.



Well, what do you think about this Hog Rider Deck and strategy? Let me know your thoughts in discussion coloum below. Playing with balloon hog rider this way requires us to play offensive. Give more and more pressure for enemy. Push them to always defend form this inevitable counter.

Please correct me if I miss something and see you again soon in another useful article. Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day.