It’s time to bring the giant and hog rider to the Skeletons Party. Let’s summon the dead to kill the living being.

Hello Friday! Finally, we are at the end of the tiring but fun weekdays. Are you ready to TGIF?? Experts say that you better fill the weekend with a lot of fun together with beloved person. Go hangout with friends or boyfired/girlfriend can be an excellent idea. Before we start the fun Friday, let me give you a useful and fun article.

Alright everyone, today we are gonna talk about the deck of two building targeting card with the skeletons party at the end. We will play the deck of giant and hog rider generally. However, there’s graveyard which we will combine with one of giant or hog.

This strategy is so inevitable and I would say this is OP. The inspiration of writing this article is because there’s a pro player beat me with this deck and skeletons graveyard. He/she won the game so easily. That makes me curious and alright I tried to play it for several times. After several trying, I decided to set this deck as primary current deck. I know that’s LOL but if this can bring me victories why not? We will talk about strategies, deployment orders, how to defend, and much more! But before we get into the fun part, let me show you the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.0

Play This Deck

As you can see that we also have goblins familia. The goblins will handle the defense and we can pretty much count on them. The reason why I pick goblins instead of skeleton army let say, because goblins are faster, cheaper, and efficient defensive card. They could be distraction while defending. Of course, we enclose the wizard to defend with goblins. Defense line will be easy folks, the countering part is what we have to put concern on.

How to counter?

Alright, so we will have split damage on early game in order to see which tower have the less HP on the 2x elixir. We will bring the giant and hog rider on the skeleton party at the 2x elixir. But let’s talk about what we will do in early game.

To start the countering, deploy the giant first behind your crown tower or at the very corner of your side. Afterwards, deploy wizard once the giant enters the bridge. Make sure that giant is in front so the wizard can cover from behind without getting hit. This is a classic combo we run in order to make the enemy deploy more and more troops. So, they won’t have maximum defense on our inevitable counter right after this. Once you have wizard and giant combating in enemy’s lane, don’t deploy anymore supports.


giant and wizard on one side of the lane first

Now, we wait till elixir reaches at least 8 or above due to hog rider deployment. And if your elixir is 8 bars, deploy hog rider at the corner of your lane. Here, we will split our counter so deploy hog in opposite lane of the giant wizard. Right after hog launched, deploy the graveyard on the tower where the hog heads to once the hog enters the enemy territory.


split counter starts with the hog at the corner

We have crazy counter on both sides and one of them will reduced more. The enemy doesn’t have full protection; they should split defense because we force them to.


this is first attempt ended with hog graveyard, no more deployment

How to defend?

I think we have a strong defense too. We have tesla and goblin gang which create a crazy distraction defense. If the enemy send non-area dealer troops, we deploy goblin gang first. The gang will bang the incoming troops while our tower keeps on hitting them.

When the enemy sends building targeting card with supports, we deploy the tesla first before any troops. Deploy tesla on the middle of your lane in order to distract the incoming troops. Once they get distracted, we deploy wizard to target the supports. 

Throwing on fireball is an excellent decision too. Hopefully, your fireball is high level so it can reduce even kill the supports. Once we handle the support, deploy the spear goblins to kill the tanker.

Here, I suggest you to separate the tanker and the support. Our focus is to kill the supports first because a lonely tanker won’t harm our tower so significantly. Without supports’ help, tanker is easy handled. Right after we defend, let’s go countering again using the strategy above.


wizard and the gang hold the incoming barbarians

In 2x elixir

This is the time when we will bring the giant and hog to the skeletons party. What I mean by that is to launch the hog and giant at the same time. In early counter, we already split our countering, now we should focus on the tower with less HP first.


destroy the less tower first

Alright, deploy the giant in front of the princess tower. Once the giant enters the bridge, deploy hog rider behind it. Immediately deploy the graveyard no matter what happens. This is the time when we will get full countering and this is the time for skeletons party.

We can go crazier with the fireball. throw fireball to execute the enemy’s defense card and to reduce tower HP. At this state, you’ll get that tower and victory is in your hand.


giant and hog on skeletons party


Well guys, party is a good thing to do, but skeletons party is deadly and not good for the enemy. This is still good for us. It’s time to play with the dead skeletons, summon the dead anywhere to kill the living being.

That’s it for today’s article. I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. See you on another article!

Have a fabulous weekend people!