Looking for Hog Rider deck Clash Royale? This is another recommendation to try, Hog Rider deck with Frezze or worldly known as Hog Freeze deck. Let’s learn how to play Freeze in this strong Hog Rider deck, easy gameplay, cheap deck, and winning guaranteed. 


Hi there, come back again with me JohnnyBoy with another Hog Rider deck discussion. Hog Freeze deck is absolutely popular in Clash Royale. Yet, few clashers understand how to combine it. Well, let’s talk about it. 

Hog Freeze deck


Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck



Firstly, I highly recommend you to pick archers because they can be a good support with cheap cost. Also we have air defense to defend and counter attack with hog rider. 


Next, we have baby dragon which deals area damage and so it will be a very useful to counter any swarms in our attacking or defending. 

Besides, it has high HP so you can combine it with cheap troops like archer or knight to get strong defense against air and ground units at once. 


We don’t only use freeze to support hog rider in counter attack, but also use it for defense. So, if you defend against bunch of heavy troops, deploy freeze and send ideal defender troops to give actual damage. 

goblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom

in this hog freeze deck, we can deploy goblin barrel to the tower once the tower aims on hog rider. So, we don’t always have to counter with freeze and hog rider everytime. 


Next we have knight. This is the damage receiver which is very crucial to have in any hog rider deck. In defending against ground units, deploy knight as the first deployed card. 

Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

Skeletons are good for distraction and card rotation. 


We also have Tornado. Use tornado whenever you go countering with hog rider. If there are any ranger or melee deployed near hog rider, get rid of them with tornado.

It works to counter air and ground units and sure you can defend with it. 

Attacking and defending Hog Freeze deck 

The point of hog freeze deck counter is all about strong defense. So, I really suggest you to have strong and excellent defense, then go on countering with hog rider on the bridge. 

This way is what every Clash Royale players do. Put every attention to defense, and countering would be easy part. 

In defending, use knight, archer, and baby dragon. You better play defense efficiently by not deploying unnecessary troops. If you are good with only one knight or baby dragon, don’t send archer. 


Defend efficiently is the key to win

At the moment you defend, you can deploy freeze if you really need it. Don’t push yourself on using freeze on countering. 

Alright, after defending, send hog rider on the bridge. To make your countering stronger, send other troops to support hog rider. 


Hog Rider and survived Baby Dragon in counter attack

Once you have hog rider coming to enemy’s tower, deploy goblin barrel. In this moment, I think your elixir would be enough to deploy 3 elixir barrel. 

And remember, throw the barrel once the tower aims on hog rider so, goblins would not be harmed unless your opponent deploy any destructive spells. If you’ve ever tried goblin barrel and hog rider, you’ll understand how complicated it is. 

Attacking defending Hog Freeze deck 2x elixir 

Once you enter 2x elixir, it’s time to counter with hog freeze combo. Before you deploy the freeze, still make sure that you have strong defense. 

It’s basically same steps with early game. After defending, send hog rider on the bridge. 


After defending, counter push

Deploy goblin barrel after hog rider be the enemy’s target. And here’s the best part. After the goblins pop out from the barrel, the enemy will likely to send more defenders. At this time, you freeze them all, the tower as well. 


Rider on the ice

Once the enemy remains frozen, hog rider, goblins, and the other supports will have great great damage on the tower. And that’s the basic countering of the hog freeze deck. 

Card replacement 

Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common cardBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom



So, there you have it. I hope you can win more and more victories with my refined hog freeze deck. I’ll see you again soon, Good luck!