What’s up people of the world? Come back again with me JohnnyBoy with the new fresh article. In today’s article, I’m going to show you about the technique used while using battle ram. 


Invisible Battle Ram

Some of you might know already about the invisible battle ram which we put underneath the balloon. We want to utilize its dash damage and so we can a bit hide it underneath balloon so the opponent won’t realize that we also send the battle ram. We still have a chance to succeed the dash damage of the ram even the opponent knows. It is because the enemy is forced to choose either they want to counter our balloon or the battle ram.

When we combine them together and if the enemy can’t handle it properly, either balloon will drop at least two bombs or the battle ram succeed deliver the dash; the hidden message. Oh, this strategy is even stronger if we play in 2v2 battle. Before we go further, here I give you the deck I use to run this strategy. 


Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 3.1


Balloon and Battle Ram

These two cards are the main cards. I use the same deck actually with the combination of wizard and balloon as primary strikers. Now, in this deck, I replace my wizard that I use a lot in so many games with the battle ram. What I’m saying here is changing the wizard position as balloon support. I don’t play the wizard to cover the balloon because I already have the battle ram as a hidden message. As a substitute, I choose minions to follow the balloon. Trust me guys, this combination can cause serious damage on enemy’s tower.


Rage is probably the best spell card for the balloon players. I play balloon so many times and I think rage is still better than freeze or poison. It is because rage can fasten the balloon which flies so slow. I hate slow, so I put rage on the balloon so the balloon can at least drop one bomb to the tower.

In this deck, we play balloon and battle ram using rage spell. Can you imagine that two damage dealers attack the enemy tower with insane speed? But freeze can be also the best spell to use to support balloon battle ram. What do you think guys? What spell you think the best for support? Freeze or rage? Let me know if you have different choice of spell.

Support Cards


I love wizard a lot as I always enclose him in a lot of battle. Wizard is an excellent support and also most excellent area damage dealer. Why I use the wizard in this deck is because the best support for the balloon is wizard. But, since I replace wizard position with battle ram, wizard is no longer the primary support for the balloon. We need wizard if we play balloon deck because it can counter the minions, horde, archers, or any cards which use to combat balloon.

Nah, while using this deck, sometimes I still combine balloon and wizard if I think they are the best counter at that moment. Wizard also functions to be a strong defender that we put in the safe position. In his most impregnable position, he won’t get attacked so much and can keep protecting the tower. Of course, we still have to do the bait tactics to keep our wizard out of enemy’s target.

Minions and spear goblins

Since these two cards are pretty cheap, I enclose one of them to support the balloon battle ram. Just to add some more damage, or to counter the blocking troops. We should put them first before we put rage. That’s why we should launch balloon behind our tower; then we may have time to launch the next card.

Skeletons and skeletons army

I use a lot of skeletons to bait the enemy’s single target. And for the skeletons army, I sometimes combine it to tank wizard. So, the wizard is not tanked by a high HP troops but with the numbers troops. If there is enemy’s wizard goes to counter our attacking, we will probably have some hits to the tower.

Counter Combos (Alternatives Countering Cards)

Balloon, battle ram, rage

In the deck like this, we have some primary counter combination. The first and the strongest is combo balloon and battle ram. We launch balloon first, immediately launch battle ram at the same location. Put them straight on one line, so the battle ram is invisible. Once they go together, we put rage on them. If you prefer to freeze, you can freeze once you see the enemy sends any troops.

send balloon first, then battle ram right underneath it

Balloon, wizard, rage

I use this combination a lot, and the way to run this is pretty simple. While you have both cards, you can deploy balloon first. Wizard follows from behind, then rage.

alternative countering with popular combo

Battle ram, skeletons army

We can counter with these cards as the alternative in case the moment forces you to do so. Put the skeletons army first, then send the battle ram on the bridge so the skeletons army will protect the battle ram. But, we won’t have an invisible battle ram with this combination.

Simple Strategy

– Should we have balloon, battle ram, and rage on the list we can do the first attempt with the combo.

– Don’t launch any cards to support. We should focus on defense now.

– When the enemy sends a tank or any building cards we can counter with skeletons army.

– Or the enemy sends single target troop, we can play skeletons bait alongside with spear goblins or minions.

– play defensive battle ram once the enemy sends the tank together with supports. Two barbarians from the ram hopefully can be the defensive tank.

– Use wizard as a strong defender. Afterwards, don’t launch so much more cards because we won’t have enough elixir in case the enemy sends more troops to counter.

– In general, we can use wizard, spear goblins, minions, skeletons for defense.

– Do counter attack after you defend.

– Run counter attack using the cards I mentioned above; in counter combos.

defensive skeleton army counter building targeting card

 The dash is success captain. We are invisible

In 2x Elixir

– In double elixir time, we can run balloon battle ram wizard and rage as an ultimate combo.

– We can run this ultimate combo if we play the wizard for defense first. If the wizard survives, we can launch balloon and battle ram together with wizard.

– We wait for seconds for the rage and once our elixir enough, launch rage. Here, we better hide the battle ram.

– Although the enemy already knows we play invisible ram, they might still can’t counter this ultimate combo.

– Another unexpected combo is if we already destroy one tower.

– Wait for the elixir is enough to launch balloon and wizard

– After the elixir gets enough, we can launch balloon behind the tower, continue with the wizard on the bridge.

– Once they are in the enemy’s target, we can put the battle ram in the middle space.

– While the enemy is busy with balloon and wizard. 

– Hopefully, our battle ram can deliver the dash damage on enemy’s tower.

run the ultimate on 2x elixir 

Anticipation Alert

– Since we don’t have any strong air troops for defense, this deck is quite vulnerable against lava deck.

– If we face lava deck, we should execute the supports first. Let the lava alone, the main problem is on the supports. We can use wizard to counter the support, but we should cover wizard first so we won’t lose the wizard. We can put spear goblins and skeletons to bait the enemy while wizard hits them. We should go maximum defense if we against lava deck.

– Play using this deck makes us the game determinant. We determine the game intention, so we better put pressure on the enemy first and go with more attacks.

– Sometimes, we should let go one tower to get one enemy’s tower. Meaning if we launch balloon wizard at first and fail, the enemy will probably do a massive counter attack we can’t 100% handle. If so, you can send the battle ram and rage (or freeze) on the opposite lane. it’s unexpected because the enemy must be busy to continue attacking the crown tower.

– After we go unexpected attack from the other lane, we should go back defending the crown tower. Here, we go maximum defense.

– Then what happen on the other lane we attacked unexpectedly? While we go maximum defense, we can steal the attacking using battle ram and rage again.

– And if the enemy’s attention is on that lane, we can do maximum counter.

– But I suggest you to not send wizard on the counter in case the enemy send some troops to counter our crown tower.


Hidden message from the battle ram can go so insane if we build up counter attack first and having wizard standing on the defense first. So, we can complete the hidden message with the wizard’s area damage; and don’t forget the rage (or freeze).

Alright, that’s pretty much it for today guys. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any comment or you want me to review anything please don’t be hesitate to leave your comment down below. Chaooo!