Hola, amigo! Am I saying it right? Doesn’t matter by the way. The point is I greet you all amigos because I know you all are beautiful people. 


God bless you mate and God bless your mum too. Don’t ever make her sad. Yea sorry for being too wise today haha. I’m not really a quote guy.

Yep, Clash Royale Kingdom crew back here and a very exciting news is coming up that somehow this morning we figure out a new card has been launched today and it is a spell card!

What’s its name? The new card name is HEAL SPELL! What’s it could do? Let’s go for some details. Ops, let me make my coffee first.

Heal Sneak Peek-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Exactly like what it has been named, the new Heal Spell card is a spell card that help to heal all of your troops in the battlefield.

You can summon the Heal Spell right into your troops position in the arena and make them healed. So basically, if one of your favourite troops is dying then you can prevent it from being dismissed. Sounds cool, right?

This Heal Spell could be devastating if you combine it with a great destroyer card when you launch an attack. For example, if you have an inferno dragon launching the attack then combining it with the Heal Spell then it will make the Inferno Dragon last and lives longer from the attack of your enemy and as a result the damage impact by it could be last longer and very devastating to crush the enemy’s tower.

The same with the example above, if you combine the Heal Spell with your tank card like Giant or P.E.K.K.A then again it would make a very devastating impact as it will keep your tank card keep re-energize and keep pushing and marching into your enemy’s tower.


More of its advantage is, you can put it into your last-minute strategy for example if your troops are attacking a tower but they are dying in front of it, then you can deploy the Heal Spell to heal them and it will keep them spread their attack until the tower is destroyed.


The deploy time of the spell will cost you 3 seconds, be wise to calculate the time in deciding to use the card. But make sure to get the card first, haha.

It’s all alright mate, as usual if you have something in your mind or everything about this new card make sure to put it all in the comment section below.