Hello my lovely mates all over the world, the kingdoms crew back again here. You are with the wasted uncle here. The news is up again, and today a new challenge is arriving, champs. 


A new challenge? Yup, you are right. A new challenge is on the table, and it is all including the new card, the Skeleton Barrel. The new challenge is called the Halloween Draft Challenge! The Halloween Draft Challenge is coming and here are the things you need to know.

In this series of the new challenge, the format will be in the Draft Format. So, the battle will be started with you have to choose one of 2 cards provided, one for you and another one for your enemy. You will have the chance to play the Skeleton Barrel card.

Like the other challenge, you have to get the one-time rewards, and the prize will be given to you after every 1-win in the challenge. The awards have been provided. You also can get 100 Skeleton Barrel card at 9-win.




The card itself will make its first appearance, except for the glitch weeks ago. Ah, and if you decide to join the challenge make sure to put your thoughts in the comment section below. Sleep well, get yourself ready to fight.

Me signing out for now, ciao!