Meet the Real Skeleton Fleet 

Holla Clash Royale enthusiasts! Just to remind you that this is Halloween day and there will be a lot of surprise we can expect to happen today.


I’m JohnnyBoy here with another updated article. Today is another historical day of clash royale since this is the day when the new card has officially launched; skeleton barrel.

You should try this new unique card in the Halloween challenge event by yourself and this card is so fun and it turns out to be so beneficial.

In the draft pick, I got an excellent deck with a skeleton barrel in it fortunately. For the rest of the deck I got witch, balloon, x-bow, arrows, dart goblin, archers, mega minion.

It seems like my opponent wasn’t a person who like to try something new and so he/she didn’t pick the skeleton barrel.

To be honest, I highly recommend you to pick the skeleton barrel because it’s good to support your countering.

Once the skeleton barrel is shut down by the opponent, 9 skeletons will come out and go attacking.

Of course, you can’t send naked skeleton barrel; we need to cover it by high HP troops or at least reliable troops.

this is how the skeleton barrel looks like and acts

Another beneficial that I got on the last battle challenge is that I have 3 cards that can actually be primary cards.

I set x-bow, balloon, and witch as the primary cards.

The strategy is pretty simple, but before we go further let’s see what’s in the deck.

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.9

As you can see that my deck has a lot of potential to win.

I have balloon which is one of the greatest building targeting card.

X-bow which is one of my favourite (I really know how to play x-bow)

Witch, a very strong support for the x-bow and balloon

Mega minion, archers, and dart goblin on the defense

Arrows to support the balloon and the x-bow

Lastly, the new skeleton barrel.

X-bow and witch

As to start the counter, I go with the x-bow and the witch first.

Send the witch from behind crown tower.

Then, build x-bow on one tiles back from the bridge.

Their combination is so strong because witch can counter every troops around the x-bow.

She deals with splash damage too, so the troops like skeleton army, minions, or even minion horde will be minor issue.

After running the first x-bow, we better wait and prepare the defense.

unstoppable combo

Balloon ft X-bow

This deck is actually very recommended for regular battle.

We may have variety of countering action using beat down combo.

One of them is balloon and x-bow.

If you want to run this combo, make sure you send the witch first before any other.

Next, we better go with the balloon to bait the enemy strong counter.

Once the balloon is about to die, deploy the x-bow.

The death effect of the balloon will kill all swarmy which try to interrupt the bolt machine.

Witch behind the x-bow will keep spawning its skeleton and that strengthens protection for the x-bow.

Skeletons will distract every troops while the x-bow keep on shooting the bolt.

balloon placement

Skeleton barrel time!

Now, this might be the perfect timing for you to launch the offensive skeleton barrel.

Once the witch about to enter the bridge, leash the barrel.

You’ll have a big chance to destroy the tower because you have double damage from x-bow and the witch.

Moreover, if the barrel can make it to the enemy tower, they will please us for some tiny hits.

If the skeleton barrel is shut down before it arrives on the tower than it’s okay too.

They will distract the enemy and strengthen the x-bow’s protection by utilizing its number.

perfect place for distraction skeleton fleet

Balloon ft Witch

This is relatively popular combo of skeleton’s fleet.

Send the witch from behind the tower is a wise decision.

Then, send the balloon after the skeletons of the witch enter the enemy’s territory.

Support this counter combo with arrows, just to make sure there are no swarmy distraction.

Combination of witch and balloon might be the strongest among other combo in this deck.

That is because it’s easy; we only have to make sure the balloon gets into the enemy’s tower and drop some bombs.

easiest and strong combo of witch + balloon

How to defense?

Go defensively with the mega minion and dart goblin.

Or if you need extra defense, you can deploy arrows on minion horde, skeleton army, goblin gang, and princess.

I found so many princess deck in the challenge, so I suggest you to arrows on the princess to prevent the skeleton barrel failure.

The princess can be so easily kill the skeleton barrel. You need to know that.

Speaking of skeleton barrel, we can actually play defensive skeleton barrel as well.

With the skeleton barrel, we play distraction strategy.

Send the barrel to be the damage receiver to make it drop and let the skeleton play its role.

The skeleton from the barrel will put enemy unease because the enemy should kill the skely one by one while our princess tower keeps shooting on them.


So far, I still don’t feel the power of the skeleton barrel.

But sure, this card has made for certain purposes.

What I got from this black barrel is that a very reliable distraction.

I distract the incoming troops, especially air units with the barrel. This is a good stopper card I would say.

What do you think of the skeleton barrel? Does it bring you any good? Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas or suggestion.

Happy Halloween for everyone! Have fun!