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You are with me again the wasted uncle. So here we are the Clash Royale Kingdom crew back again to continue our series of Kingdom’s file.

What should you know about the Kingdom’s file?

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I guess you maybe have known much about. The card is called Guards!



Again what should we know about these guards? The guards can be found and unlocked at the arena 7 (Royal Arena). Yep, they are one of the higher-level cards.

The Guards is a melee troop categorized as an Epic card. You will need to use 3 of your elixir to use them on the battlefield.


By taking a look at their appearance, they are basically quite similar with the skeletons but slightly a bigger one. They are wearing helmets that sure to use as their head’s shields.

As they are named guards, they have shields in their hand to use as a defence to themselves. They also have a kind of spear to use to counter back the enemies.


Rise the Shields

The guards are best used as a defence troop. The main reason because they have their shields. The shields itself are quite strong to absorb the enemy’s attack.

Cards like Prince will be uneasy if facing the guards as the hitting from the prince will not affect much on the guards as the shields will protect them while the guards attack him back and dismiss him.

The guards will also will effective to face the musketeer as they will dismiss her quite easy using their spear and of course protect themselves from the bullets using their shield.


The girl can’t stand the bones

It is not wise though to use the guards to face Valkyrie as they are will quite easily dismissed by the whirl of her axe and the shields can defend them from it.

In facing the card like the Elite Barbarians also they wouldn’t give many advantages as the elite barbarians could defeat them quite easy

They are just too elite to face 

To face cards like the witch then it would be efficient if you deploy in the right place near her as they will start to crush her and the witch can do nothing with that.

In defending, the guards will also be useful to slow down the big tanks like the P.E.K.K.A, Golem or the Giant Skeleton while also creating certain damage to them.


The right timing will crush the Witch

Since they are only three walking bones, then to face their cousins, skeleton army or the minion horde then they would be defeated by the swarm armies.

Not only in defending, the guards can’t be ignored if they have a way to achieve your enemy’s tower as they could create a quite devastating effect on the tower.

The most effective way to use the guards in attacking is to use them to create a pushing. You can use them to tank your troops behind. They will use their shield to cover troops behind them.


The shields protect anyone behind them

Also, one of the advantages of using the Guards is they can survive the Fireball, Zap or even the Rocket as long as they still have their shield is still on.

But once the shield is gone then the remain skeletons will be very easy to die.

Keep remembering that their shield is very important as it is the main weapon for them to have the advantages.



The Guard would need 3 of your elixirs, but by taking a look at what they can offer you then the card could deserve a place in one of your decks.

I like them anyway, really.

What about you? Of course, as usual, you also can discuss the card by giving your opinions on the card or maybe give more tips and tricks in using the card.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to add some of your pals. We would love to hear what is in your mind, everything!

I think that is all from me about this particular card for today. I need to brush my teeth for now mate.