The Kingdom’s tips n tricks session is back. Today we will discuss the great cards to deploy on the bridge!


You are with the wasted uncle here to present your weekend tips n tricks. Well, I hope this is useful to make you know more about the cards and the game in general.

You all can be free to add your opinions to this session mate. So, first of all just relax and read the discussion session.



Come to the first card, the Lumberjack, a legendary card. He runs fast and his attack speed is also devastating. Maybe cause he is drunk, all the time, for all those wine.

When he dies he spills all the wine (rage) and let his buds taste it. The rage spell he drops upon death is the one you need so as to make your support troops behind can deal some more damage to the enemy’s tower.

The death and rage effect


Usually, some players will deploy building-targeting troops at the back of the Lumberjack. This would make as soon as he dies then the rage will affect the building targeting cards behind him raged. Imagine this happens to cards like PEKKA or the Minion Horde. So yea you know what will happen.


The Bandit, this card is a ninja. She can dash and give an amazing damage on-hit. can out in the wild on her own. Frequently, some players deploy her just right on the bridge as a counter attack.

She is one of the fastest cards in the game, so to put her right on the bridge will make her maximize her ability to attack right to the towers.

She can work with any cards to make a huge attempt to enemy’s base. Although some players prefer to put her at the back of a tank.

Dash right from the bridge


Hog Rider
hog rider-building targeting card clash royale

Hog Rider! I think everyone knows what this card can offer you in a battle. Maximize his jump.

Yup, this rider can jump with his ride (the hog). Well, again he is a very fast but to maximize his jump, we would prefer him to deploy just on side of the bridge to make him jump the river and the bridge itself.

Jump the river without even crossing the bridge

You should know where to deploy hog. You’d better put your hog rider just as close to the river or on the bridge so, he can run immediately and you can see what troops does the enemy launch.

Meaning, if the enemy launches swarm army or any other small cost Elixir to block your hog, you can launch any splash damage dealer to assist the Hog.

Battle Ram

Battle Ram card! They are 2 Barbarians that carry something like a big wood. The card charges and deals quite high damage to a building. At first, Battle Ram is a building-targeting card. However, when it losses the ram, it leaves only 2 Barbs and become the any-targeting card.

It is recommended for them to be deployed on the bridge to maximize their charge as it can be so fast to target the enemy’s tower quickly.

If you want to play using Battle Ram you should know how to anticipate the enemy’s troops that will block them. Just prepare any suitable support card to help the Battle Ram.

The Dashing of the Batlle Ram

Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians, a common card with a legendary quality, there are only two of them. Yet, they can deliver a massive damage. They are single-target, melee, faster and stronger than the 4 barbarians.

They have high hitpoints and deal high damage to anything in front of them. So, since they are so fast, some players use their fast movement as an advantage to deploying them near the river or on the bridge.

Once deployed, they will run immediately to the enemy’s base. Still, they will need support from any type of your card, preferably those who can deliver splash damage since the Elite Barbarians is vulnerable to swarm army.


The fast elite savages 

So, what do guys think? You are in the discussion session now, so you are all free to express all of your opinions.

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That’s all from me for this weekend, see you guys later, cheers!