Oh so sleepy this morning. 15 September and I still can’t figure out what is the meaning of life. Sounds weird? Yea I know it, you don’t have to tell me. Just tell everybody that you love them, it will make the world a better place. For this time, you have to trust me really. 
It’s me again here and the excitement is in the air as I know that there will be new card arriving. We got some sneak peek of this new legendary card. Ops, legendary?


Ya, you goddamn right, a new legendary card will arrive soon and its spooky name makes it more exciting. I bet you’ll imagine something scary by listening to its name because its name simply and solely is Graveyard! Well by hearing its name, you might doubt its power but the abilities that the card got will guarantee you that it can prove its strong name.

The main ability of this legendary card is a spell card it somehow can bring skeletons out of their graveyard and attack the troops near them. Once you deploy the Graveyard card then it will create an area where the skeletons will appear and begin to attack the enemies.


We deserve a spot on that Walking Dead series

The load time of a Graveyard will be 1.5 second and the total Skeletons that will be produced are 20 Skeletons. The Skeleton that produced itself will be in level 9 and the duration they will stay once it deployed in the battle will last for 9 seconds.

Since it is a spell card, you can deploy it anywhere in the battlefield. And that is exactly the main advantage of the Graveyard. As it can be deployed anywhere, once you deploy it right on your opponent’s tower, the skeletons that summoned can attack the tower right away and can destroy it. The same abilities that you have in Goblin Barrel or Miner, but way stronger as it is a legendary card.

Using the Graveyard abilities with a Tank card also will be useful as it is will double the power to destroy the towers once your Tank can reach the tower’s line and you deploy the Graveyard near it. If this happens then it will double the possibilities also to destroy the towers twice quicker.


This combo could be useful for example to face the Inferno Tower if it is placed near your opponent’s tower. The tank would destroy the Inferno Tower and the Graveyard will concentrate destroying the tower without having any distraction from the Inferno Tower.  

Not only for attacking, the Graveyard also could be used as a defensive act. Like the Skeleton Army, the Graveyard could be counter to your opponent’s tank as they could distract them or even kill them. The same as distracting the tank, Graveyard could be a great counter against a card like Sparky as the Skeleton will destroy the Sparky when the Graveyard deployed near the Sparky.

But like the other cards, the Graveyard could also be countered. One of the counter is even its brother, the Skeleton Army. The Skeleton Army will face the Skeleton that produced by the Graveyard. The other counter that could be useful to face the Graveyard is the ranged and air-based cards as the air and ranged cards will shut the Skeletons down and destroy them.


The new card will cost 5 of your elixir, so you got to be wise if you decide to use it once if you are able to get it.

Oh I have to get up from my bed now, really. And mate, don’t forget to put all of your thoughts on this new card in the comment section below.

I’m signing out, cheers!