Hello, people of the world! Back here with me verdaccio. Today I’m going to share some guide deck with you. This is going to be rather an old-school deck. The combination of the spell card, Poison with the legendary card, the Graveyard, is just currently back to be meta. So, without any more intro, here we go!


Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

The deck up above is still optional, though. If you know what you’re doing with them and as long as the job description of the card is similar, it’s up to you. Here I’m going to reveal the reason I choose them instead.





5 Elixir from the legendary card type is the leading actor in the stage. This is the only key to unlock the door of crown winnings. Most of all, never deploy this card all alone, you have to prepare some of the support cards to go alongside the Graveyard.


Inferno Tower

It’s the only building in the deck. It’s the leading actor in defending your base. Well, you can deal with any type of building-targeting card with the Inferno Tower in your play style, you can overcome them quickly.



Poison, this is the main support card for the Graveyard. Even though it’s just a spell card, it can actually help the Skeletons from the Graveyard dealing damage to the enemy’s tower. Sounds like not going to work? Wait for the other support card, ok.



A ranger, a Musketeer, will help the Skeletons and the Poison from the far. Use her as a damage dealer while the tower will only target those Skeletons of yours. Also, she’s useful in defending as in attacking.



Flying Machine

Another support card is here. The Flying Machine is rather same with the Musketeer, maybe, I think. The card is to hit any obstacle in the way. The musketeer is the chief ranger in the deck, in supporting the Skeletons. Also, the Flying Machine will make it, if your musketeer has some problems in dealing with the ground troops since they cannot harm the Flying Machine in the air.



Yellow mustache guy! What’s up. He is the most efficient card in defending your base. He is the exact card to sacrifice, yup sorry man. You can use him to go as the damaged receiver (kiting) while dealing with the enemy’s attack. Making your tower and any other troops free from any harm is the Knight’s duty.



Fire Spirits

Fire Spirits, the 3-splash damager has some important role, too. 3 splash damages are important to wipe any swarm army aimed to topple the Graveyard down. In addition, it’s really an effective way in trading Elixir to go against any expensive card.



Zap is the second spell to assist your attacking attempt in the battlefield. Zap, the main job description for this card is to reset target of the tower if the tower decides to target your rangers instead of the skeletons.


How to play


First Minute of the Battle

At the beginning of the battle, you might want to hold onto your defensive card a little bit. Play defensively, in the beginning, can give you the Elixir advantage from the mid-game towards the end. Also, since it’s a struggling thing to do, so, you can start by deploying the Fire Spirits to deliver some damage to the enemy’s tower. See the response from them, if they play it defensively then, all you have to do is preparing your massive attack. Here’s when you need to wait for your Elixir bar to reach the 9 – 9.5 at the latest.


From 2 Minutes

Mid game, on playing the game defensively, you can start harassing the enemy’s base with your troops, like deploying the Graveyard alongside the Poison with one of the rangers you have in your existing deck. Hence, only one of the rangers. You have to bank your Elixir for the Fire Spirits/Zap.

Be Ready


Put your Musketeer at the back of your crown tower. It’ll give your Elixir bar time to recharge. Once she close enough to the enemy’s area, place the Graveyard and the Poison just about right. While the Skeletons spawning your Poison and Musketeer will hit the tower and like I emphasize before, prepare the Fire Spirits to cover your Musketeer and Zap to reset the tower’s target. Also, both of the cards can be useful to wipe any swarm army, though.


Last Minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute of the game, or the double Elixir moment, or the sudden death, you have to rely upon your patience though. Since the enemy will get the only tactic you use, they will prepare the massive attack of themselves. Well, in this case, you have to brace yourself, first. Try to defend your base from the enemy’s attempt. Furthermore, it is important, right after you succeed in defense of your base you can deliver your attack. In the late game, the only tactic of yours can excellently get the job done. You can only deploy the Graveyard with the Poison, and it’ll enough for you to find the enemy’s tower health is in crisis.



There we go! What do you think? Let me know in the comment column down below guys! Feel free to add some spicy card, if you think it’ll take better synergies with the Poison and the Graveyard. I’m verdaccio, thank you and ‘till next time! See ya!