Hello, guys! It’s verdaccio. Today I’m going to give some Graveyard guide. First of all, I’ve been preparing for this guide to share it with you. I’ve tried every deck combined with the Graveyard card and try to use it properly with any cards there are. Hence, I come up with this guide when I’ve found many of enemies I face rather get on tilt even with those cheap cards. So, let’s us check them out!



Screenshot Graveyard in Action-Clash-Royale-Combo

The Graveyard In Action



No. 1


5 + 2 + 1 = 8 Elixirs

With the spirits, yup, the first one you see is quite… What!! Due to how well it works, trust me, when you place your Graveyard, you must want something to keep those skeletons alive and well. Most noteworthy, the Fire and Ice Spirits can do the job done. They both combined can deal  4 splash damages. It’s more than enough to wipe any swarm armies the enemy send you to get rid of those skeletons from the Graveyard. Or! If your enemy put some ranger force at the back of their tower and you can’t do anything about it, it’s still worth it to deploy these spirits. Since they can still hit the tower, right.


No. 2


5 + 2 + 1 = 8 Elixirs

I don’t know about you, but I can eliminate more than 50% of the tower’s health with them. The deployment is not really that different with the spirits combo up above. This combo is just a safer bet when you’re not confident with the Fire Spirits can make it crash their body into anything they face. Furthermore, a Zap can be an answer when the enemy put their ranger at the back of the tower you can give them a Zap and give your skeletons more time. You can also mix it up, though. After you deploy all those spirits, you can give them a hand by zapping some troops the enemy’s deployed.




No. 3


5 + 2 + 2 = 9 Elixirs

It is just an additional option for the two combos before. Like I’ve just mentioned, one of the three supportive cards can be used as a reinforcement for the skeletons. Yet, since I only share the cheap combos which are those combos that spend less than 10 Elixir. Again, I only mention it as if you want to try it and may want to give it a shot for all the three supportive cards to go.


No. 4


5 + 3 = 8 Elixirs

Volley!! I call the Arrows as the wiper. It can wipe all type of swarm army. The Goblins, Minions, Skeletons? You name it. Most noteworthy, I’ve never find my enemies do nothing with my Graveyard and, the most attempt I encounter is that they deploy a swarm army, whatever it is I always call the Arrows. Seems like the Log can be more efficient with the cost less different by one. Much as it just can’t work to the Minions. As a result, perhaps you may want to consider doing it with one of them after you see what troops the enemy send you. 


5 + 4 = 9 Elixirs

The Fireball is just an additional option if your Arrows level is not so great.


Legendary epic


No. 5


5 + 3 = 8 Elixirs

Why? Yeah, First of all, I’ve just found it by accident. I thought I was trolling but then, it just an annoying attempt for the enemy’s troops. When they deploy any cards, they have, well, in my case, it’s Valkyrie. Yup, they send Valkyrie for my Graveyard, and I just deploy the Tornado to make her go away from my skeletons. It really works well. Furthermore, I think it can do the job for any forces, though. Even, a well-ranged troop, we can make the Skeletons much safer by sucking the enemy’s troops. Just mind the placing guys.


No. 6

5 + 3 = 8 Elixirs

Hahha… The one who can really give the enemy such a hard time to decide how to deal with these two cards. First of all, I usually use this as a counter-attack. After taking an attempt from the enemy and I just save my base, I deploy them together. As a result,  I use the Graveyard for some such of distractions. The real damage dealer here is the Princess. However, it really can cost you the game when it can be killed with any spell, though. Now, that’s the reason you have to know how to bait the enemy’s spell.


The Poisonous Yard is about to…


No. 7


5 + 4 = 9 Elixirs

Here we come to one of the best combos I’ve found. It’s perfect works with the Graveyard. I think most of you can imagine how it works, right. Most of all, it’s just a nice attempt to destroy a tower in one chance. Yes! I’ve my Freeze Spell to freeze all the troops the enemy sent to me, turns out they send me Knight & Minion Horde. How’s that guys, hence, it just requires your deployment’s timing. Most noteworthy, it’s not luck, you make your own luck, never freeze only the tower, it’s just so not effective and seems stupid.

Graveyard Cheap Combos-screenshot-clash-royale-kingdom

Skelys in Chernobyl


No. 8


5 + 4 = 9 Elixirs

Man.. Finally, another powerful combo, this one is also a nice one. First of all, whenever I use this combo, it’s not a rare look to see the enemy’s get on tilt. That’s why this one is the most recommended one. It’s just so many Graveyard users use Poison either to cover or to help the skeletons. It’s not really just to cover them, though. The poison will give some damage to the enemy’s tower. Especially relevant, the covering works as for the enemy deploy any swarm armies, since the poison will eliminate them.

Well, that’s all guys. If you have some other cheap combo to go alongside the Graveyard, please share here with us. Till next time!