Hello everyone! I’m JohnnyBoy here helping you master Clash Royale. How are you today? I wish you best fortune as always. In today’s article, we are gonna be taking a look at a Golem deck, consisting of Zappies and lots swarmy. This is it, Golem Zappies deck. So many of you have been asking me for Zappies deck, how to play it efficiently, and how to win lots victories with it.


Alright, our main focus here is Golem and Zappies. These two cards turn out to be a synergize combo if we have one more vital support in between them. We will enclose Skeleton Barrel to be in the middle of Golem and Zappies. If you really wanna see Zappies’s best performance, this is it. The zap machine would zap on the tower and retarget it from hitting our Golem to Skeletons from Skeleton Barrel.

There are 8 skeletons which ready to be enemy’s target and by zap on the tower using Zappies, we will have last longer Golem. Since Zappies doesn’t have significant DPS, I recommend you to pick swarmy. Well, take a look at this deck before we go any further.

Golem Zappies Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.1

Play This Deck

Besides Golem, Zappies, and Skeleton Barrel, we will fill the rest of the deck with cheap cards. And they are the dealer which we send behind Golem Zappies in countering.

The Army on Golem 


We have Bats, Spear Goblins, Guards, and Ice Spirit. And from the swarmy list, I mostly pick up Bats as primary dealer in supporting the counter with Golem and Zappies. Bats are fast, cheap, and they fly. While Zappies retarget the tower from hitting Golem to Skeletons, we will have Bats which perfectly protected by a tanker and zap retarget strategy.


Next, we have Spear Goblins. This card is no.2 dealer that I used mostly. The biggest reason why I pick Spear Goblins is because they are kind of like a mix form  of Archers and Goblins. Spear Goblins is the cheapest ranger card in Clash Royale. While we play with Golem without Collector, we should minimize elixir spending by choosing the cheapest card to support counter.

Spear Goblins functions as defender for me personally. Combining it with Ice Spirit would excellently protect the tower from ground and air unit. Another defender is Guards, which is no.1 guardian in this deck.

guards card-clash-royale-kingdom

Guards with their shields would hold the charge damage troops or destructive spells. So, whenever you play defense, make sure to always have Guards first to hold every incoming troops. Then, you can send Spear Goblins or Bats to help Guards.

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Lastly, we have the Log. This spell card is needed to support Golem in countering. Besides, we can use it to kill Princess, Goblin Barrel, and swarmy. Another function of the Log is that this one is good for cycling card. Cycling it on the bridge to get a little tower damage would be clever.

Now, let’s talk about counter defense strategy

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you can run the one and only counter with Golem Zappies. Send Golem first behind the crown tower. If the enemy counter by sending troops on the bridge, you can defend with Spear Goblins if the troop is air unit, Guards it the troop is ground unit.

Look! Princess gets so overwhelmed

So, after Golem reaches the bridge, you send Skeleton Barrel and immediately deploy Zappies on the bridge. Once these 3 cards unite in counter line, you’ll see how awesome they synergize each other. This is your first attempt guys, now you should back on defense.

How to defend?

In defending, you can use all of your cards to hold the enemy. You have a super-fast cycling deck here, and you can launch anything, even Golem. I mostly launch Golem to hold the high DPS enemy.


While Golem holds the enemy, cycle any cards you have on the list

While Golem hold them, our tower will keep on dealing on each single troop. Moreover, we will have continuous cards that keeps coming.

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you will have massive swarmy attack that you put behind Golem. To do that, you can send Golem first behind the crown tower. While you wait the Golem heads to enemy’s lane, you might have to defend.

In defend, you can deploy everything, just like what I’ve told you. Cycling every card.

Now, back to Golem, once Golem reaches the bridge and enter the enemy lane, you deploy Skeleton Barrel.


Deploy every card you have behind Golem for sustained DPS

Afterwards, you can deploy any card that you have on the list. It doesn’t always Zappies, every card. This time, you counter so massively with Golem in front row be a great damage receiver for following troops.

Card replacement

ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Ice Spirit with Goblin Barrel

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdompoison-card-clash-royale-kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute the Log with Poison or Zap


Well, what do you think about this strategy? We can maximize the new Zappies performance to support countering with Golem swarmy. Retargeting the tower or enemy troops from hitting our Golem to swarmy in order to make Golem lasts longer. When we have last living Golem, we can continuously deploy cheap cards, cycling every card ready on the list, to deal massive damage on the tower.

Let me know what you guys think about this deck and strategy. And please feel free to question me anything you might doubt of, specific deck review, synergize cards, or anything.

See you again soon in next future article.

Have fun!