Golem, Wizard, and Pekka in Clash Royale are 3 strong troops which rarely get combined. Let’s learn how to combine three winning conditions into one extremely Golem beatdown deck. This is it, Golem Wizard Pekka deck or let’s call it Gowipe Clash Royale.


Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. In today’s article, I’m gonna review about the use of Golem, wizard, and pekka on one deck with the best strategy to win the 3 crowns. 

Golem Wizard Pekka deck 

Average elixir cost : 4.5

First of all, we are gonna pick Golem, Wizard, and Pekka in one deck. 

golem-building targeting card clash royalewizard-card-Clash-Royale-KingdomPEKKA card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Most of the time, when I play using this deck, I’m gonna put three of them together on the lane in double elixir time.


We need a faster elixir recharge too, so I enclose elixir collector as well. 

poison-card-clash-royale-kingdomRage Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

I deliberately pick Poison and Rage to support the countering in early game when we separate Golem and Pekka.

You can’t launch Gowipe at the early game due to expensive elixir. All you need to do is to support countering with Golem Wizard or Pekka Wizard with the spells.

Choose the necessary spell, if you fight against swarmy, go with Poison. And if you fight against ground melee or ranger, go with Rage. 


These are two cards which we often use in the game. When you separating Golem and Pekka, you need to send cheap troops behind them.

Go with Archer of Bats, they can be good support without demanding expansive elixir. 

Attacking and defending early game

We can go with golem first and put sure we should put golem far behind tower.

Send Golem behind crown tower

Before initiate any countering, you need to build Elixir Collector. Pay attention to this, build the collector when you have ground melee on the card list to anticipate sudden counter. 

Next, we need to separate Pekka and Golem in countering early game. Just pick one of them and make sure that you have Wizard on the lane before sending Pekka or Golem. 

In order to make sure you have Wizard in countering with Golem or Pekka is to play Wizard since you defend. Set Wizard as primary defender and deploy other cards as well to help Wizard. 

Or play Pekka for defense, and continue with Wizard

After defending, deploy Pekka or Golem on the bridge to lead the counter push. Make sure Golem of Pekka is in front of Wizard. 

If you decide to defend with Pekka, you can continue counter attack with Bats or Archer, cheap support doesn’t mean bad protection. 

Early counter like this

Remember to support the counter with Poison or Rage if you have sufficient elixir.

Use Poison to kill swarms

Attacking and defending late game

In late game, you can launch Gowipe because elixir goes faster this time. Still, run the same procedure, have Pekka or Wizard on defense first. 

In defending, make sure that you don’t lose Pekka or Wizard so they can continue countering with Golem. Also, you need to build elixir collector once you have Wizard or Pekka on the land.

Next thing, deploy Golem on the bridge to lead Pekka and Wizard. 

After defending, send Golem in front of survived defenders

In this moment, we can use Rage to boost Pekka and Golem. That would be better if you have Wizard on this countering. But, if you can’t, you still have Poison for area cover. 

Gowipe on the 2x elixir


Remember, you have pretty expensive deck here, so don’t be too overcommit. Just make sure your defense is strong and then counter push with Golem or Pekka, that’s the basic. 

Alright, I’ll see you soon in another Clash Royale guide article. Good luck!