Holla, clashers! Verdaccio here, back to you from the kingdom to share some deck guide. Today it’s going to be a Golem Pump Beatdown deck. Consider it as a review or a discussion for me, not a Golem master… hahaha… Let me know what you think about this deck






Average Elixir Cost: 4.5

Play This Deck

First of all, the deck up above is optional. You can replace some of the cards as long as the job cards’ description is entirely the same. Since we’re going to rely on the Golem and three musketeers in harassing the enemy’s base, we have to cycle the rotation of the card gently, to make both cards available all the time. Here I am going to elaborate a little on the cards I have chosen.





Ice spirit

Ice spirit is the one you have to include in this deck. Aside from the benefit of cycling card. It costs only one elixir. Most noteworthy, this walking ice can freeze the enemy for a while, making them vulnerable. This is just currently meta, you know.



Knight is efficient to go up against any attacking. Yes, this card is to defend your base. Just kite any attacking unit your enemy send you with this card. Furthermore, he can be used as a tank while you attack.


Mega Minion

Mega minion is not so different, though. The job description is similar but the character not entirely. This flying iron can be a distraction, diversion or let’s say a kiter. Mega minion is useful to use in defending. Also, the mega minion can work as a tank for battle ram, though.



Tornado is just a card you use as efficiently as possible. It can be a great way to make elite barbarians, hog, miner to hit and wake up your crown tower using tornado, though. However, you can also make this card you central defending mechanism if you do not have your knight available at the moment.


Primary cards




Poison is a damaging spell. It can protect your battle ram from any swarm army. The combo is currently meta, you know. After you deploy your battle ram, place the poison and heal just right to get the whole benefit.


Elixir Collector

Elixir Collector is the reason I add the word pump.’ This is the pumper card. You have to place your elixir collector just right to get the most benefit. Always mind the placing and timing to deploy the collector all right! Make sure you don’t put it next to your towers.


Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers are the primary cards. The three girls are the chief destroyer in your deck. As long as you can protect them, you will have all the battle you are in. Just mind your deployment both placing and timing to get the most benefit of using this card.



Golem is another primary card here on this deck. This the main attacking card in your deck. All you have to do is deploy him just right in time and place. Once you have Golem in the arena, give some support troops. Consider her as your girlfriend that you don’t want anyone to touch her.




First Minute of the Battle

You might want to give some light push with your three musketeers/ Golem. Most noteworthy is for you to see your opponent’s response in dealing with your Musketeers. If the enemy decides to sell with your musketeers, the opportunity for you is wide open. You can start by deploying your elixir collector just right. This way your elixir collector won’t get fireballed or rocketed.


From 2 Minute

In mid game, the way of play depends on the enemy’s tactics, though. If your enemy plays offensively, you have to gather your troops at your area before delivering your powerful attack (Countering). However, I suggest you to start attacking with your combo, Golem > supports > patiently wait and prepare for the enemy’s counter-attacks!


Last Minute – Sudden Death

At the last minute of the game, though. This is the hard part, I think but, if you play it beautifully, you’ll always have the game, on any deck. All you have to do in the last minute of the game is gather as many troops as you can, inside your area, first. If you can do this, you definitely will win the battle. Just protect the Golem with all the troops you got!


There it is guys! Nevertheless, if you want to replace some of the cards just make sure they have the same criteria or the same role to play in the arena. That is all for me, if you have some questions or suggestions, please! Feel free to fill in the comment column down below. Verdaccio, peace out!