Good day everyone! Here with me again JohnnyBoy with a new useful article guide. Beautiful sunny day is out there folks, what’s your plan for today? I’m feeling a little bit unwell today so I decide to just play CR and share the useful strategies for you. Alright, so today we will discuss about a very strong deck consisting 2 major countering methods. We will have a combo of golem night witch and hog rider witch. This deck becomes so strong because there’s the one and only breaker; night witch behind golem.

Personally, I like night witch very much due to its effective defense performance. Although this card is melee, but none underestimate it. The bats spawn will eat anything away till there’s nothing left. Nah, we will utilize its bats spawning to cover the golem. I guess this is also the best way to play night witch; place her behind heavy tanker.

The golem will complete night witch action and here we will see the maximum performance of this legendary witch. Once the enemy targets on the golem, the bats will keep on striking the interrupter.

Before we talk any further, let’s see what’s in the deck

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 5.3

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have elite barbarians as well. We will set the elites as an aftershock counter. So, right after we counter with one of combo, deploy elites on the bridge. That is what I mean aftershock. After the great massacre with golem and night witch, the enemy won’t have maximum defense to handle elites from the bridge.

Meanwhile, we will have enough elixir to run the elites because of deployment timing. Nah, let’s talk about the key basic of deployment timing.

Countering with golem night witch

Considering we don’t bring elixir collector, timing and positioning of the golem night witch are important. The things we should do is to deploy golem behind the crown tower once you have full elixir.

Right after golem, we deploy night witch right behind the walking rock. As I told you earlier that we really can count on night witch as a guardian for the rock. Nah, let’s wait till both cards harm the enemy.


night witch behind golem will shut everything in front (bats party)

How to defend?

Alright, after we countering with golem night witch, we should play defensively. We have some pretty reliable defensive cards too. We have witch, executioner, minion horde. These three cards can handle anything; these are complete. So, whenever the enemy sends tanker with support, we can deploy witch with executioner. Set the executioner to specifically handle the supports. While the witch handles the tanker.

The troops with incredible charge damage or dash can be easily handled by witch alone. The skeletons spawning will disengage the charge and shut the dealer. We also have minion horde to handle troops like sparky, PEKKA, inferno dragon, elite barbarians. Those heavy troops will be nothing if head to head with the horde.


night witch and minion horde ready to shut down sparky, ram, and inferno dragon

Send the executioner to specifically handle the swarmy. Actually, we can send wizard too if we need extra defense. If the enemy counters massively, we can deploy the night witch and minion horde. These two cards are the perfect option for handling massive counter.

Counter attack with Hog – Witch (Elite barbarians)

Whenever you defending with witch, you have an opportunity to counter attack with the combo hog witch. That will succeed if the witch has enough HP. If she still has high HP, deploy the hog on the bridge before the witch. Here, the enemy must have counter cards for this. No matter what, we don’t deploy any more troops to support this.

Oh, we can actually send the elite barbarians to join this countering. That will be possible if the witch defends the lane a bit long time. Or generally speaking, once we have witch we need time for elixir recharge. Once the elixir reaches full bars, we can send the elite barbarians first. Right after, deploy hog rider on the bridge. Here, we will have inevitable counter from the bridge. In one hand, the elites will clear the path first for the hog. If there’s any building cards, let the elites and witch destroy it first.


hog rider after the witch and ebarb clear the path

After the lane seems to be more secure, deploy the hog on the bridge. Remember, elites and hog should be under the witch coverHowever, the chance of success is not big. Meaning that the enemy will break this counter with just skeleton army or building cards. If you wanna play safe, just go with the witch and hog rider.


Alright everyone, there you have it; countering with golem night witch plus hog rider witch. We have 2 major countering plans. Somehow, the golem night witch is just to force the enemy deploys their best card. So that the hog witch combo will be out of dangerous defensive cards. That’s pretty much it for today’s article. Hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!