The Golem Mirror Clone deck! Yep, that is the thing that we’re gonna discuss for today. What is special about this deck?


This deck will contain two spell cards that operating more likely the same. But also different in some ways.

Okay, I know you are confused. Let’s just see the deck below.

Golem Mirror Clone Deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 4.2


Play This Deck

You see above, Golem will be the main tanker in this deck. Aside from him, there are also the damage dealers that we will deploy behind the walking rock later in the battle.



Fireball will be the end card. To finish a dying tower or to clear all the distracting enemy’s troops, the spell would do its best.

Arrow is forever meta. To wash all the cheap cards, yea you know what the spell card can do. It is the card that would clear all the cheap cards that could distract our Golem.

clone cardmirror-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Clone is the card that we would use to clone all the pushing card later in the battle.

On the other hand, Mirror is the spell card that we could use to create the twin of the card you just deployed in the battle.


These three cards will be the main damage dealers on our deck. Witch is one of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale. So, to bring her would always give you advantages.

Lumberjack as a legendary card, of course, will give you such advantages. He is fast, deal great damages and of course his Rage that would spill after he died.

Minion Horde is the swarm army of the air. But here we would use to do the surprise to the enemy’s tower.

golem-building targeting card clash royale

Then the walking rock! Our main tanker. He will be the card that would absorb all the enemy’s attack. He is made of stone, so he is totally fine with that.


Early Game

In the early game, we would try to do a surprise attack with the Golem. Deploy Golem as usual behind your king tower. This is to recharge your elixir, of course.

The moment Golem cross the bridge, let your enemy concentrate to attack him first. The moment our Golem being attacked then deploy the Minion Horde.

This is to make Minion Horde have a clear way to go up front. As soon as Minion Horde and Golem reach the near the targeted tower, it’s time to clone.

Clone them all. This could include the Golemite once Golem is dismissed. The double amount of them would be the one that crushes your enemy’s tower. Boom.

The beginning surprise 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute, you can do the same way if you haven’t crushed down a tower. But you can’t forget the other cards that also could create the other great pushing.

The Witch and Lumberjack could do that. As the elixir recharging is doubled, deploy Witch near the bridge. As soon as that, summon the Lumberjack right in front of her.

Lumberjack could do a mini tanker role to her. This could create such a good pushing as Witch could cover him from the swarm army.

You got the elixirs recharge twice, so apply that with summoning all the attacking cards. Mirror them! As soon as they are reaching a tower, again you can clone them all.

This would make all the enemy’s troops overwhelmed by the push. Of course, you also have the Fireball just to finish a tower or to watch all the distracting enemy.

Lumberjack and Witch for the start of the final push 


This deck would aim for a surprise in the first minute but also to do a great push later in the battle.

You can try it, as long as you can adapt to the deck, then I bet you can come out as the winner.

Okay, good luck mate. If you find this deck as a good addition then feel free to share it with all your mates.

Put your thoughts also in the comment section down below if you have something to say.

I’m out, for now, have a great day. Cheers!