This is Golem Lightning deck with Inferno Dragon. Golem Lightning deck Clash Royale is one of popular deck matchups. Let’s see the best matchups for Golem Lightning deck and learn how to combine Inferno Dragon in Golem Lightning deck.


Hello there, JohnnyBoy’s here and I will give you another recommended Lightning Golem deck with Inferno Dragon. We will start with the deck matchups and continue to attack and defend strategy to win the battle.

Golem Lightning deck with Inferno Dragon


Average elixir cost : 4.0

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golem-building targeting card clash royalelightning spell-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Golem and Lightning are our winning conditions guys. The best way to support Golem with Lightning is when Golem reaches the enemy’s tower. 

Use the Lightning to deliver damage on the tower and enemy’s defenders. That’s how Golem Lightning works right? If you’re familiar with Golem Lightning, you will agree with me about this. 


Next, Inferno Dragon legendary card is the primary damage dealer in this Golem Lightning deck. The best way to play it is when you defend. 

In order to prevent countering failure due to expensive elixir, we need to make sure that we have Inferno Dragon since we defending. In defending, try as hard as possible to make Inferno Dragon survive so it will be able to continue counter attack. 


Tombstone and Zap are mainly our support cards. We can do distracting defense using Tombstone, place it on the middle to bring incoming troops to the middle. 

And for Zap, I usually use it in pretty much circumstances. Despite its cheap elixir cost, it can help Inferno Dragon or Golem in counter attack. Use Zap to kill swarms and reset Inferno card. Since you bring Inferno Dragon, you’ll likely to meet player with Inferno Dragon as well. 

archers-clash-royale-kingdomMega-Minion-Clash-Royale-Kingdomgoblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Lastly, there are Archer, Mega Minion, and Goblin Gang which we use to defend. Choose the suitable and right counter card for any specific incoming troops. These 3 cards are also helpful for Inferno Dragon.

Attacking and defending 

The basic gameplay of this Golem Lightning deck is to have Inferno Dragon on defending. Combine Inferno Dragon with support cards such as Archer, Mega Minion, or Goblin Gang.

You can place Tombstone to distract incoming troops like Pekka, Knight, Giant, Giant Skeleton, etc. Sometimes, combining Inferno Dragon and Tombstone is clever move which generate efficient elixir spending.


Distract and fire up

Inferno Dragon is the greatest tanker killer in Clash Royale. So, if you fight against beatdown counter, distract the incoming march troops, and then fire up the tanker with Inferno Dragon. 

Once you have Inferno Dragon on defending, send the cheap cards to help the dragon. After defending, you can send Golem to lead the survived defenders in counter push.

Otherwise, you can send Golem first before doing any defense. Then, just deploy Archer or Mega Minion to follow him.

At this moment, the enemy might steal attacking because Golem walks really slow you know. You need to a little bit sacrifice Golem HP.


Beatdown Golem Inferno Dragon

After your elixir gets above 4, send Inferno Dragon behind Golem. At this moment, you already have the basic countering. 

Attacking and defending late game

In 2x elixir, you need to play Lightning. So, when you already have Golem and survived defenders on enemy’s lane, deploy Lightning spell on the tower and enemy’s defenders.

By doing this, you will get tower damage and hurt or kill the defenders. If the lightning struck on enemy’s defenders, your Golem and survived defenders will have bigger chance to connect on the tower. 


Damage on the tower too

Struck the Lightning is the last move guys and you need to try as hard as possible to have Inferno Dragon behind Golem. So, after the lightning struck, Inferno Dragon will likely to free from enemy’s defender and connect to the tower. 

All in good synergy 


So that’s it guys, I hope you will get plenty victories with this Golem Lightning deck. See you guys in another Clash Royale article guide. Good luck!