For some players, arena 10 is the hard one because there are so many higher level players. Move and climb your arena with Golem Inferno Dragon deck arena 10. A solid Golem Inferno Dragon Deck and anti Pekka as well. If Pekka is your problem, she won’t be no longer issue against this best Golem deck arena 10.


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy and today I’m gonna show you how Golem can work really well with Inferno Dragon. This might be the first time I played with this combo. And it turns out to be perfect. At the same time, we have a solid strong stone in front row and greatest damage dealer with burst damage, Golem and Inferno Dragon.

We definitely have to pick one area dealer. And that’s gonna be Witch. Golem Witch combo is one of best popular combo and Witch is remarkable in covering tanker such as Golem.

Guys, in arena 10, you’ll most likely find Pekka deck, especially in this current meta. Inferno Dragon might be a problem solving for that. As the dragon is anti-tanker, you can leash the Dragon to fight Pekka.

Alright, before we discuss the strategy in depth, let’s take a look at the deck matchup first.

Golem Inferno Dragon deck arena 10


Average elixir cost : 4.3

Play This Deck

I really recommend you to pick Witch as area dealer. It is because she can protect the Inferno Dragon from Electro Wizard. Skeletons spawn would be Electro’s target. So, it will enable Inferno to deal burst damage on him.


Especially if we have Golem and Inferno Dragon in countering, Witch is a must. In case the enemy deploy Skeleton Army or Electro Wizard.

However, if you spend your Witch already for defense or you don’t have it on the list, you can replace Witch position with Bats.


Bats is an excellent counter for Electro. And similar to Witch, Bats can diminish all Skeleton Army so easily. Skeleton Army is a great disaster for Inferno Dragon guys, and to prevent unexpected distraction, we need Witch or Bats to support Golem Inferno Dragon.

guards card-clash-royale-kingdom

Next, we have Guards. This is getting popular nowadays because it got buffed recently. This is no.1 defender of this deck. The shield would hold first crash of any destructive spell and charge troops damage.

So, if you face against Prince or Bandit, you can hold them by sending Guards, then you can send another troops to support defense. Sometimes, we won’t predict when the enemy deploys charge troops on the bridge.

In this deck, if we don’t have Guards instead you defend with other troops without shield, that troop won’t survive.


Next, we have Poison. This spell is important and I highly recommend you to pick up Poison as area support. You would possibly meet Minion Horde. And one group Horde would shut Golem and Inferno pretty easily.

To prevent that, we should always have Poison in countering. You can put Poison reaching the tower area as well so you can get extra tower damage.

Another spell is Zap. This would be minor card, and it won’t affect the game so significantly. But, somehow you really need 2 elixir spell to kill Bats, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang.


Lastly, we have Elixir Collector. Whenever you play with Golem, you need faster elixir recharge. And I suggest you to build the Collector. However, this time we don’t necessarily build the collector.

In playing with this deck, I don’t really often build the collector, put focus more on counter defense. But if you have time after defense, you can build it to faster elixir recharge for counter attack.

What to do in early battle?

Early battle is the perfect timing to build collector and play defensively. Wait till enemy counter first, you defend and so on.

I mostly run the Golem on 1:30 time left. So, when we enter 2x elixir, we already have Golem and we just need to deploy support card.


Deploy Golem behind crown tower right before you enter 2x elixir

Just hold till 2x elixir then you can go on real counter with Golem and Inferno Dragon.

How to defend?

In defense, we have Guards as the first card that I mostly launch first. While Guards hold any first crash, you deploy Bats if they are light troops or swarmy. And Inferno Dragon if you fight high HP troops.

The key of defense is on Guards, the rest defenders would be depending on what troops come to your lane.


Defend with Inferno Dragon and Witch is clever move

You can play Poison and Zap for defense too. These spells are not necessarily used to support counter.

What to do in late game?

If you have Golem at 1:30 time left, as what I usually do, you’ll be able to have extra support on countering.

After Golem, immediately deploy Inferno Dragon behind the stone. These 2 cards are launched before you enter 2x elixir. In 2 elixir, you probably already in enemy’s lane. This is the time to deploy Poison and Witch on the bridge.

This counter would be anti Electro, awesome

Now, you have everything you need in countering. Just wait and see how the enemy defends against this counter.

Go defense again and since this is 2x elixir, you can flexibly deploy any card to give extra defense.

Card replacement


Substitute Zap with Fireball


So, what do you think about this Golem Inferno Dragon deck combo? I recommend you to try this one and experience it by yourself. Arena 10 won’t be no problem anymore because you have counter card that can shut any strong current meta combo.

If you guys have any comment or suggestion, let me know by leaving your comment down bellow in the comment section.

See you again soon in another article, have fun!