Good day people of the world! I’m verdaccio and back for some awesome deck of the lifetime. This deck is just forever meta. The deck I’ll present to you is still to edit, though. If you have some idea to replace one of the cards, feel free to experiment it yourself. In the meantime, enjoy my play way






Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Play This Deck

The major cards to play with this style are only 6 main cards. I usually change or exclude the skeletons and the dart goblin with fire spirit and spear goblins. Also, you can replace Zap with the Log if you want. It’s up to you, whatever you want. I only use them as a kiting style in defending, and I just find them as efficient cards.

Here I’m going to show how the 6 cards synergized with one another. I usually put the 3 or 4 for an attack, and the rest for defending, it depends on the enemy’s way of playing, though.




The first part is basic, and you have to deploy the Golem behind your crown tower to give your elixir bar a time to recharge. Once it reaches the opponent’s area and targeted by the enemy tower, you can deploy the Graveyard. Easy to say hard to do, yup.



What if there is an inferno tower? Well, you might want to wait for the zap to come to your bench. Get the zap ready, so it’ll reset the Inferno Tower’s gradual damage. An ice spirit would also work, though. And! That’s the reason I bring the Dart Goblin.

What if there is a swarm army? Again, in this situation, you can make those two cards do their job. An ice spirit and a zap/ the log could bring the Goblins, the Minions & the Skeletons down. Or! If you decide to bring the Fire Spirit with you, it might be a great help, too since they can bring minion horde down, quickly.





Make use of the Exonado guys! So far, this is the best defensive style I find fantastically useful. This combination is just fantastic to counter any assault. Hog? Giant? Balloon? Well, the combination of the Executioner and the Tornado will save the day. Whenever we see a significant attempt from the opponent, we can always rely upon these two cards.



However, if you see a small army or any other kind of strike is coming but, it’s not that a big deal. Here, you can always kite them to trade elixir to put you on the advantage. High damage dealers who target anything close such as Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A, Elite Barbarians, Prince and Dark Prince could be a wasted elixir with this defensive strategy. Just use the little skeleton or spear goblin to make them turn their course.

Lastly, if your opponent uses a flying force to attack your base, you can use the Exonado combo alongside the Dart Goblin. In spite of his low health points, dGoblin has a good attack speed, though.

Oh, yeah! Never unnecessary use tornado, guys!



Well, how about that guys! If you happen to have some idea to add a card or two to the deck or replace some of the minor cards, just let me know. Feel free to fill the comment column down below. Enjoy! Verd peace out!