Golem Elite Barbarians in Cycling Deck is here. Now, it’s time to complete the golem with rapid and crazy air units.

Howdy Monday people! Whoever reading this, I hope you have a good day and today is a chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week.

It’s Monday but it’s okay. Keep up that fabulous spirit folks.

Alright, in this Monday, I’m, JohnnyBoy, have a very strong deck combination that might enlighten your Monday.

In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of elite barbarians, golem, and night witch in one crazy unification.

Those troops are our primary cards where we will play separately.

Nah, this might be tricky.

We will play golem night witch as one combo without elite barbarians.

I told you already in another article about the best way to play elite barbarians.

Wait, before we discuss further, better we see what’s on the deck first.

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 4.0


Play This Deck

Well, let’s continue the discussion.

We will play elite barbarians probably as assassins who will go countering without tanker and support.

These 2 strong elite barbarians will continue attacking after golem and first elite massacre.

So, we will have one more deadly and rapid counter right after the golem attack.

When we play like this, the enemy will be overwhelmed and most likely we get the tower.

This aftershock will be more hazardous if we deploy the elite on the bridge.

Elites on the bridge with spirits portection

Aftershock Elites

Remember that whenever you play with golem, always build the collector first.

Especially if you want to have an aftershock with elite barbarians.

Build the collector first, I recommend to build right in front crown tower.

Once you have a collector, go with the golem behind crown tower.

Wait till elixir enough to launch elite barbarians, then deploy the elite in front of the walking golem.

The elites will clear the path first so, the enemy’s countering card won’t be major issues for the golem.

Here is the key; we set the golem as counter card and let the elite barbarians be the damage dealers.

Since the current changes, we have higher death effect point of the golem and that will help too.

Elites before golem due to clear the path

Play with the Night Witch

This deck is considerably cycling deck because we will have many night witch for defense.

Yes, this might sound vulnerable because we only have night witch as defender.

In fact, defensive night witch will be so strong with supports help.

We have tornado and the spirits to support the night witch while defending.

There are several things we could do with tornado and the spirits.

Whenever you go defending, deploy night witch first.

Afterwards, we put tornado on enemy’s incoming troops.

Immediately send the spirits near the tornado, so they will deal splash on all troops.

The night witch will professionally finish all of incoming troops with bats support.

The best deployment for defensive night witch is on the centre of the lane.

So, the enemy will have longer distance with our tower due to bats distraction.

This is the part when we will see the mighty of night witch.

Night witch’s deployment place and defending against incoming troops

After we go defending with night witch and spells spirits, we can counter back with aftershock elite.

Deploy the elite on the bridge and let two warriors do their duty in solo action.

Afterwards, we wait and play defensively.

Golem in front

Build the collector again, because we will play with the golem now.

Now, let’s have some bats party.

Send the golem behind crown tower.

Immediately deploy the night witch and make sure that night witch is behind the golem.

There will be crazy bats attack folks since we have tanker in front, the bats will fly freely and eat away anything in front.

Meanwhile, the night witch will try to catch up with the golem and hit the tower together.

You can send the spirits to support this countering.

Keep in mind that we have countering golem strategy, so that’s okay if the night witch die.

Don’t be too overcommit to protect the night witch

In addition, better don’t deploy the elite in this state.

Set the elite as aftershock attack after the golem dies.

Oh folks, this will be so cycling and you can run combo elite and golem again after this.

So far, we have 3 major combos; golem elite barbarians, golem night witch, and aftershock elite.

See, this deck is so simple and that’s what we are gonna do.

The defense is pretty simple too; go with the night witch and tornado spirits.

Tornado Spirit on defense

In 2x elixir

Now it’s time to go massive.

Although this is massive, this is so simple.

We will have different strategy with previous one.

Now, let the golem be the damage receiver for night witch and elite barbarians.

This combo will be harder and sure the bats will support and hit the tower as well; there will be bats party on the air.

you can replace ice spirit with mirror card if you wanna have bats party

Golem is stony and hard, elites are rapid and strong, night witch is very supportive and the bats will crazily eat any interrupters.


Alright everyone, have you ever play this deck?

I get this inspiration because this deck can beat my battle ram deck (my primary 1v1 deck)

Shock is what I feel and curiosity makes me wanna try this combo.

So, I try playing with this deck in several battles.

At early trying, that was so hard to adjust with this new countering method.

But, once you do this guide, you’ll adjust and will be in love with this cycling deck.

Eventually, golem can be an insanse counter card too.

Well, if you have any brilliant ideas or suggestion let me know in the comment below.

Hope your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

See you on the battlefield!