And hello again, guys! The Kingdom’s crew is here again, back to you to share some deck guide for all of you champions.


What we’re gonna discuss today? Today it’s going to be the Golem Electro Wizard deck story. Curious enough?

Without wasting no more time, let’s get into it.


Golem Electro Wizard Deck



Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Play This Deck

Like what you see the walking rocks Golem and the legendary Electro Wizard will be the main card to create the combo. First of all let’s check the cards’ job description. 


Supportive Cards


ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomfire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Advanced players consider Ice Spirit as the best cycling card in the game. Besides, the ability to freeze a bunch of troops is just meta since the cost only requires one elixir. Furthermore, when the sudden death moment comes, you might want to keep deploying this walking ice to make the other card stay available on the bench.

Fire spirits can deliver three splash damages. These hot balls are just the ones we need in supporting the attacking army. Minion horde? Skeleton Army? Goblin Gang? All of them can’t stand the kamikaze effect of them. With Fire Spirits card in your deck, you will always have the elixir advantage.

Zap is just the one efficient spell in this deck. The Zap can give any Inferno Dragon/ Inferno Tower users such a hard time. You have to utilize the ability of the card in resetting and restarting the inferno’s gradual damage. 

Knight is just a protector. He is a damaged receiver. This yellow moustache guy is your guardian. He can take all the damage from any massive attack. All is well with this guy on your deck.


Primary Cards



Fireball is just an end-game card. However, you can use this spell to go against any strong swarm army such as the Three Musketeers, Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, etc. The Fireball is just so useful to go against any massive attack. You might want to rely on this spell to blow them all.

Tornado is just another defensive mechanism. You need this spell in dealing with any massive incoming attack. The whirlwind is useful to make any attack go away from your tower. 

Golem has the most important role here. This is the primary card in this deck. You have to rely on this card to destroy the enemy’s base. Most noteworthy, Golem is the only card that can harass the enemy’s base. The rest of your cards is only the supporting card for this giant walking rock to make a ruin of the enemy.

We can enclose eWizard to join the attack. We send wizard when the enemy has responded to your Golem. We can send the eWizard and finish off the enemy infernos kind of units. Also, every troop that the enemy sent to stop your Golem.




Early Battle

At the beginning of the fight, you might want to start with letting the Golem walking to the enemy’s base.  This is to see what kinda card your enemy use to counter this attempt.

Deploy the rocks behind your King tower. You can accompany him with some support behind him. The Fire and Ice Spirits would be great.

At this period of the time in the battle, you might want to consider your play style accordingly to your enemy’s strategy. You can see what deck, counter card, or attacking style that your enemy’s use.

This way, you will have advantage how to deal with them. Just decide wisely whether when to give your full attack. If the situation is great on your side, well you can start to deploy the Electro Wizard too. 

Let the Golem walk first

Last minute sudden death

At this moment, keep making the enemy’s tower busy with your Golem and of course the Electro Wizard himself. Deploy the help of your support troops whenever the cards are up on your bench.

Summon the cards one by one, overwhelm the enemy is the goal. As for the rest of the cards… Support your Golem in the field!!

Time to electrify!


This deck would maximize the power and hitpoints of the Golem which is just great. The other cards primarily the eWiz is the one to deliver the damage.

So what do you guys think? If you guys have something in your mind then feel free to use the comment section down below to express it all.

Okay, I think that’s all. Have a great day, mate. Cheers!