Clash Royale current meta deck of 2018 is Golem double Prince deck. Since the last balance update, Dark Prince got buffed and his hit speed gets quicker. Let’s see how to play this Clash Royale deck in new meta , Golem double Prince deck!


Hey there, it’s me JohnnyBoy who ready to rock your day with the current meta combination of Golem double Prince deck. I will show you the simple strategy to play the deck and the cards combination. First of all, let’s see the deck matchups first.

New Meta Golem Double Prince deck


Average elixir cost : 4.6

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The first card I would like to talk about is Valkyrie. This is our main defender guys. Although we have 2 Prince which have reliable HP and can be set as tiny tankers, I still recommend you to pick Valkyrie. It is because you can safe the Prince to push counter with Golem.

Other than that, Valkyrie is a great area dealer too. So, whenever you have Prince and Golem and Inferno Dragon in countering, Valkyrie will join the countering to protect them if we play her since defending.


Next card is Inferno Dragon. If you choose Inferno Dragon, your defense will be so much efficient and solid, especially when you face tankers.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Another air unit is Minions. This is the card that I play as helper or more like assassins. Whenever another troop for defense, I send Minions to quickly kill the damage dealer once the dealer connects to our tiny tanker.


Since we play with expensive deck, you must have Elixir Collector. You need to spend 6 elixirs in order to get faster elixir recharge.


We also have Arrows. This is the only destructive spell that we use to protect Golem and double Prince in countering. You need to prepare Arrows, because you lack of air protection in the countering. Also, you need a card that can protect your attackers from swarm.


Talking about Dark Prince and Prince, these two are the primary damage dealer that we will send to join Golem in countering. In early battle, you might only be able to send one of the Prince because the elixir runs normal. Although you have Elixir Collector, you better send one of Prince only and keep the rest of elixir for defense or deploy cheap support for the attackers.

When to build Elixir Collector?

Let’s talk about timing. For some of you who are not familiar with Elixir Collector, well, you can build the collector if you have ground troops that can be defender.

Build the collector when you have any tiny tankers available on the list

In this new meta Golem double Prince deck, you have Valkyrie, Dark Prince, and Prince, or Inferno Dragon as the tiny tanker. So, if you have those cards available in the card list, you may build the Elixir Collector.

How to counter with Golem and Prince?

As I said, you might only be able to send one of the Prince to follow Golem although you have built Elixir Collector. That’s what would happen in early game guys.

So, you need to build the collector first before you deploy Golem. Next move is to wait for the elixir reaching 7+ bars and then deploy Golem near the crown tower.


Deploy Golem near princess tower

Once you have Golem, the enemy will likely to still counter and you’ll give them a strong defense with the list of defenders.

Don’t lose the defense guys, otherwise your Golem would be so wasted. After defending, you can send any card to join Golem immediately before it dies.

The point is, just deploy any cards which have good damage while protected by Golem

At this moment, you can send either Prince or Dark Prince to join the big guy. Or else, you can just send cheap Minions if you already spend Prince, Dark Prince and Inferno Dragon in defense.

However, in most cases, I always be able to send at least one of the Prince to join Golem, and then send Minions to give extra damage.

How to counter with Golem double Prince combo?

When you enter 2x elixir, you may have to build more than one Elixir Collector in order to get double Prince following Golem.

To do this, you can deploy Golem first near the princess tower. This time, set Golem as damage receiver for a while. It’s okay to lose your Golem HP this time, and let the princess tower hit the enemy.


Let Golem lose its HP a little

We do this because we keep our elixir not for tiny tankers, but for Prince and Double Prince. I think this is the best way to initiate counter with Golem double Prince.

After Golem entering enemy’s territory, send Dark Prince. Since your elixir recharges so much quicker, immediately send Prince. It would be better if Dark Prince is in front Prince due to area protection.

Timeless brotherhood! 

Otherwise, you can prioritize Prince to follow Golem. So, after you have Golem, make sure to Valkyrie to join the countering in order to protect Prince from any swarm. The point is to always have area protector once you counter with Golem.

The point is to have area dealer

Once you reach this condition, support the countering with Arrows or Minions.


I think that’s why Dark Prince affect so significantly in this new meta Golem double Prince deck. It is because he deals area dealer and he can well protected Prince and Golem from any swarm or even any ground troop. He is so strong and since the last balance update, he gets even stronger. Alright, that’s it guys, hope you can get more and more victories with this new meta Golem double Prince deck, Good luck!