Golem the walking Rocks! is that a good name? I think so. It gives a spooky impression.


And hey yow, my friends all over the planet! I hope what you drink and what music you listen this morning could help you light up your mood mate. 

I am listening to one of my fav band, The Verve this morning so yea, my mood is all good right now. You are with the wasted uncle again here and all we have to do right now is to discuss some card in the today’s series of the Kingdom’s file mate.

The Kingdom’s file is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is maybe you guys have known much about. I think the card is quite a popular card. And the card is called Golem!


Golem is categorized as an Epic troop card where he can be found and unlocked as soon as you entering the Arena 6 (Builder Workshop).



To describe Golem then I think the word “beast” will suit him very well. Golem is all made from rocks. Ya, mate no kidding he is made of stone. That is why he has such a very strong body.

He has those shiny purple eyes and has crystals that like growing up on back of his body. The more unique thing about him is once he is dismissed, then he would be turned into two golemites that looked like him but smaller in size.

The card itself would cost 8 of your elixirs if you decide to deploy him in the arena.

The Walking Rocks

Golem is one of the strongest or maybe the strongest card to dismiss in the arena. He has such a very high hitpoint that make him so hard to dismiss. Mostly because that he is made of stone.

Not only the strong body he has, Golem can create a great damage once he hits a building. The card itself is only targeting a building as his goal.

Because of this, it is best to use him as a tank card to march on to your enemy’s territory. He could cover the enemy’s and distract them to attack him first.

To accompany the Golem to create a push, then using a damage dealer like Prince will be effective, as the combo will create a great damage once they are achieving your enemy’s tower.



The beast combo

To use the other splash card with Golem also would be effective like the Valkyrie as she would cover the beast from the swarm armies like the Skeleton Army.

Using him with an air troop like Baby Dragon could also become a good partnership. Baby Dragon would deal with the air troop and cover the obstacle from the air, while also covering the air troops like Minions that want to dismiss the card.


Walk with the dragon

Golem himself would be countered by the swarm armies. Cards like Skeletons Army would counter him although it wouldn’t dismiss the golem right away as the golemites would appear and again start marching on.

Minion Horde also would be the effective counter to Golem since the hits from them could crush him concerning that Golem is a very slow walking card.

The natural enemy of the Golem itself is the Inferno Tower. The Inferno fire that targets him will dismiss him while he would be distracted to attack the Inferno Tower first.


The rocks stopped by the fire 


Golem for sure is one of the expensive cards with spending 8 of your elixir. But by looking at his ability and his strong body and of course the golemites, for me Golem would be effective to use in the 2 v 2 battle rather than a single battle.

In a single battle, he still can be so much effective with the exception of how you well you can use him. But in 2 v 2, I just think that he will be more effective to play. 

Well, again it is my opinion. You guys also can put yours in this Kingdom’s file series. Feel free to use the comment section below to discuss the cards mate.

Ops, the Clash Royale Kingdom’s crew also have discussed the card before and we have more strategy using Golem where you can read it on the web. 

I think that’s all from me for this beast Golem, again it would be nice to hear some from you mate.

Coffee time for me now, cheers!