Hello Friday people! How are you today? Kingdom’s team always pray the best for all clashers and hope you are getting better and better. We are counting down for weekend and hope the best weekend for all of us. You are here with me JohnnyBoy who will bring you another useful article. In this special Friday, we will discuss about the deck consisting Golem Night Witch Combination as primary cards.

This will be another golem beat down deck and of course we look for the better deck combination for you. In another article, I already wrote about Golem Night Witch combo and if you have tried it you must know how fantastic these 2 cards are.

Alright, after golem night witch we still have lumberjack and clone spell. We will utilize death effect of lumberjack, rage effect. So, in the middle of countering with golem and night witch, we send the lumberjack to enemy’s lane. The rage will fasten the golem and night witch’s bats spawn. There will be a lot of bats in the air free from target due to golem’s protection.

Nah, another thing that makes this deck is special is clone spell. We deploy clone to double up the night witch; bats factory. The more bats spawn, the better. Also, we put the clone for the golem. Since the last update, golem’ death effect increases for certain amount. And the dead effect will affect the swarmy near it and the tower as well.

Well, before we talk the strategy in depth, let see what we have in the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.4

Play This Deck

As you can see that we will have skeleton army and minion horde included in the deck. These 2 swarmy cards functions as distraction and if possible, they can join the counter line up. Actually, we can set the minion horde as double agents card that can flexibly used to counter and defend.

However, we need to do spell bait; especially arrows. Before we run the minion horde, we better set the skeleton army as defender. Those swarmy will exhaust the incoming troops; non-area dealer and the enemy should deploy their arrows, fireball, or zap. Once they execute skeleton army, we deploy the horde to replace the defender position. At this moment, minion horde will probably survive. And if yes, those minions will fly forward and join the countering line.

Beside swarmy, we have inferno tower. This is our primary defense card. Inferno will deal its burst damage to every incoming troops. Don’t worry about heavy tanker such as lava, golem, or pekka. The tower will turn on its beam fire and gradually increase the damage.

Combining the inferno tower and skeleton army is a good decision too. While the swarmy distract the incoming troops, inferno will keep burning every single troops.

The last spell card is arrows. We should prepare this one if we have golem and night witch combo. The enemy will most likely to launch their minion horde or any other swarmy to shut the night witch. We won’t let that happens. To prevent the night witch failure, deploy arrows once you see enemy’s swarmy.

Counter with golem night witch clone


This counter line up is our number 1 counter combo. As I told you earlier, the combination of golem night witch will create a fantastic cooperation. Nah, once we deploy these counter cards, we deploy the clone spell once golem connects to the tower. Don’t clone too early, make sure enemy’s tower target on the real golem first and just wait till they connect to the tower.


clone once golem n night witch really close to the tower

To run this strategy, we should send golem behind the tower; just make sure you would have enough time for elixir recharge. Mind the deployment position due to night witch deployment right after golem.


Golem behind the tower. Oops that arrows is so right in time

Before the golem reaches the bridge, better don’t deploy night witch. That will prevent rocket or fireball damage on night witch. Especially if the enemy has rocket or fireball. We don’t want the night witch to die so early. Therefore, deploy the bats factory once golem enters the bridge.


golem night witch makes enemy so angry, or shock?

Counter with Lumberjack minion horde

Another combo that we can run to reduce tower HP little by little is to go with lumber horde. This counter is vulnerable and full of risk. However, we can decrease the one spell death on horde by doing the spell bait first. The risk is that enemy will probably have more than one spell card that could execute the horde.

There’s one spell bait strategy is to run the lumberjack and skeleton army at the same time. So, after you deploy lumberjack, immediately send the skeleton army. It doesn’t matter who be the enemy target. We run this combo to force the enemy deploy their arrows, zap, or fireball. And if the enemy deploy one of those spells on skeleton army, we should immediately deploy minion horde. This time, the success chance of horde will increase because enemy already spent their spells to counter the skeleton army. 

Deploy the skeleton army nakedly on the bridge. The enemy should counter this swarmy with either defense card or spell. If they counter skeleton army with arrows, zap, or fireball, deploy the lumberjack on the bridge. Make sure the lumberjack be the enemy’s target. We need lumberjack to die anyway due to utilize its rage death effect.


lumber on the middle space area ready to die

Once the minion horde are in rage effect, you can clone them to multiply its number. But this is optional. So, once you have lumberjack, minion horde on the list, send the lumberjack first. Wait till the lumberjack dies then you send the minion horde.


clone horde once lumber dies. Look at the lumber’s bottle wine fly up, indicating lumber’s death


Alright folks, what do you think about this golem beat down? Go figure by yourself and see how incredible golem night witch in combination. Are you a golem or night witch player? Please complete me with your brilliant opinion or suggestion. And if you want me to review any deck matchups with specific card, try me and I’ll work my best for your good.

I hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice weekend and play on!