Hey yow, how is your morning? It is all good? I really hope so mate. God bless you all.


The Clash Royale Kingdom crew is back again here, and you are with me again the wasted uncle.

What is that we will gonna talk now? Yap, we will talk about the Gold Rush. How was the Gold Rush so far?

I found this event so far is exciting. Not only by the battlefield that surrounded by the gold vibes but of course the amount of gold that you can get by destroying a tower.

All the towers are covered by the beautiful golds

Yes, in this Gold Rush event, you can get golds if you are able to destroy one of your opponent’s enemy.

The gold will be increased if you are able to destroy the towers one by another and more if you destroy all of the three towers.

It is all depended on your arena anyway. The higher arena you are now, the higher also the gold you will get as soon you destroy the tower.

50 golds for the first tower that destroyed (arena 6)

100 golds for the next tower that destroyed (arena 6)

Different from the usual battle, in the gold rush, once you are able to destroy the tower, the screen become more interesting as there is some gold that pops out on your screen.

The event itself will be finished in 4 hours from now!

So, it is a must for you to click that battle button now and enter the war and make yourself collect all the abundant golds that are still available.

Be quick!

Add your thoughts on the Gold Rush if you got something to say in the comment section, mate.