Hey Ya! You are with me again the socially awkward uncle and I am in the Mr Robot mode today. Just being an introvert. Yea, I just finished the serial’s season 1 and it was good, really. You guys should watch it.


Although I am an introvert for today, I will still start the discussion about our own serial, the Kingdom’s file.

And today the Kingdom’s file series will talk and discuss one of the most common cards and maybe a favourite to some of you. The card is called: Goblins


Sure, you all guys have known about goblins. First, you knew this thing maybe from your childhood marvel comic, but in Clash Royale these guys are different.

As a clash royale sure the goblins are one of the most iconic characters since the beginning of the game.

The goblins first make their appearance at their own arena or home the arena 1 (goblins stadium). You will need 2 elixirs to summon this card. The goblins will be one of the first cards you may get as you enter to play Clash Royale, that is why they are so famous.

We will take a look at their appearance first. The appearance of goblins is they are like these three little guys with green skin. The funny appearance of them is they have this width ears and they always looked smile but with that wicked smile. I like their smile anyway

In launching their attack, they will use a knife in their hand to stab their enemies.


The green hornets marching on to a tower

Stab the Enemies

The goblins are a very effective low elixir cost to use in the arena. They can be used as a distraction in a battle. for example, they can be a distraction to a tank of your enemy.


Prevent the tank reaching the tower

The goblins will be very sufficient to deploy against for example a giant as they will stab the giant and can dismiss him if they face him in a one on one battle or at least give some damage to the tank with much elixir trade won by you.

Not only the giant, they can be efficient to deploy against Prince for example as they would distract and create a damage effect on him. The distraction is effective to avoid the Prince reaching your tower with his run.

To face a card like witch, the goblins are strong enough to face her as again the witch will be distracted by three of them.


Distract the evil witch

In defending using them, remember again the timing you deploy them will be very important as if you deploy them right into top of the enemy’s troops then the goblins will create such damage on them since they will start stabbing right away when as soon as they deployed

In attacking strategy, the goblins also will be a sufficient addition as a cheap card. You can put them behind a tank in launching an attack.

For an absolute attacking strategy, you also can combine them with the witch itself as the skeletons created by the witch will make a swarm army that effective enough to attack a tank or the towers.


Combo with the evil witch

This is again will be creating so much effectivity at the last minute of the battle on the double elixir. You can create a combination of full attacking troops with baby dragon, witch and them. With the combination like this, of course, you can create a devastating attack on anything in front.


Not a combo to face

But just like the other cheap card like skeletons or their goblins family, they will be easily dismissed by arrows, the log or in lower levels by a zap. They are also will be dismissed by the all of the air troops.



The goblins are very useful to put on your decks as a cheap card since the cheap cards are always needed in a battle concerning the elixirs.

As soon as they are being levelled up, they will be stronger and create higher damage.

That’s my opinion on the famous card, you can add yours or maybe some better tips in using them in the comment section down below. it is nice if we can exchange the opinions on the discussions, mate

You can also do it in the further Kingdom’s file discussion on the next card.

Me signing out for now, cheers!