Hello again you young and charming people! Did you sleep well last night? I hope you did. In this beautiful morning, we the ClashRoyaleKingdom crew are ready to reveal one of the newest thing happened in the game.


So what just we got? You are all have to be excited because another new card has been revealed today!

This one should be exciting because it is one of may be become your personal favourite.

The new card is called Goblin Gang! Yep you are right A GANG! I find this is a cool name. So basically, the Goblin Gang are a crew of goblins that are ready to intimidate everyone of your enemy’s troops.

Goblin-Gang-Sneak-Peek-Clash-Royale-Kingdom    Goblin-Gang-Sneak-Peek-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

They are consisted of 6 dirty little green thing that suit them as a good crew. From 6 of them, there are 3 goblins and 3 spear goblins. The goblins will use knife as their weapon and the spear goblins as what they were are using spear as their weapon.


By consisting of two different skills, the goblin gang would make them a good addition for a swarm army. The spear goblin can attack form range also can face the air based troops while the goblins can operate to fight the ground based armies.

 goblin gang sneak peek-4


The two group can spread in the battlefield to attack different enemies. For example, while the goblins face the ground based troops or, the spear goblins can attack the air troops like baby dragon at once.  

The Goblin Gang will be also a good option to face the tank for example like Giant, Prince or P.E.K.K.A as they will slow them down to distract them while you plan the next strategy to dismiss them.

The other advantage of these green dudes is they are a complete counter for the goblin barrel as they would smash the goblin barrel once they are deployed in the arena.

With using the Goblin Gang in the battle, they spend 3 of your elixir. But it is all worth as they are a combination of 2 cards with 2 different skills.

Have yourself lucky to be able to get this gangster onto your decks. Let us hear all your opinion about this new goblin gang sneak peek, the card itself or maybe some tricks to use this card in the comment section.

Have a great day you guys, Cheers!