Hello again you young and charming people! Did you sleep well last night? I hope you did.


So, in this beautiful morning, we the Clash Royale Kingdom crew are here again ready to continue the Kingdom’s file.   

For you guys who haven’t known much about the Kingdom’s file, In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

This one should be exciting because it is maybe become your personal favourite. The card is called Goblin Gang! Yep, you are right A Gang! I find this is a cool name.


So basically, the Goblin Gang are a crew of goblins that are ready to intimidate every one of your enemy’s troops.

goblin gang-intro

They consist of 6 dirty little green things that suit them as a good crew. From 6 of them, there are 3 goblins and 3 spear goblins. The goblins will use a knife as their weapon and the spear goblins as what they were are using a spear as their weapon.

The Goblin Gang is categorized as a common troop where you can find and unlock them at the arena 9 (Jungle Arena). You will need to spend 3 of your elixir to deploy the gang on a battlefield.

The Green Gang

By consisting of two different skills, the goblin gang would make them a good addition as swarm army. The spear goblin can attack from range also can face the air based troops while the goblins can operate to fight the ground-based armies.

The two group can spread on the battlefield to attack different enemies. For example, while the goblins face the ground-based troops or, the spear goblins can attack the air troops like the baby dragon at once. 

To use them against the Inferno Dragon would be quite effective as the goblins would distract the single targeted inferno dragon while the spear goblins would throw their spear to the distracted the dragon to create great damage on him

goblin gang-inferno dragon

Trying to kill the dragon

Don’t ever let them reach a tower without any obstacles because the gang can completely destroy a tower all by themselves.

The Goblin Gang will be also a good option to face the tank for example like Giant, Prince or P.E.K.K.A as they will slow them down to distract them while you plan the next strategy to dismiss them. The gang also could counter the inferno dragon as long as they are deployed near of the tower.

goblin gang-crash-tower

Don’t let them have a clear way to a tower

The other advantage of these green dudes is they are a complete counter for the goblin barrel as they would smash the goblin barrel once they are deployed in the arena.

To use them to create pushing also would be a good way but it is best to use him behind a tank card to protect them first since if they are alone, they would be vulnerable from the attack of your enemy.

goblin gang-create-pushing

Help the pushing

Since they are goblins then they would quite easily to be dismissed. A single zap would kill them right away. The same way with a roll by the log that can dismiss them in a single roll.

The arrows and the fire spirits also would be great to deal with the green gang as they would do nothing against them.


With using the Goblin Gang in the battle and spending 3 of your elixir, I think it is all worth as they are a combination of 2 cards with 2 different skills.

You are with us now in the Kingdom’s file so you are free to express whatever is in your mind about this particular card.

Let us hear all your opinion about this new card or maybe some more tricks to use this card in the comment section down below. It would be great all of them mate.

Okay, have a great day you guys, Cheers!