Hey Monday is coming. Not coming anyway, he is here. but don’t worry, it’s just a month away from Christmas. So get ready, I think you’re all will be excited about the snow that’s coming.


Monday with the wasted uncle here and as the week starts, now we will continue again the series of Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think you guys maybe have known much about because I think they are pretty popular. They are very familiar to me anyway. So, the card that we will discuss right now is called the Goblin Barrel!


The Goblin Barrel is basically a part of the goblin family. But the difference is they can fly. Yap, they are flying. They will fly by being thrown away from your crown tower using a barrel made of wood.


You can find and unlock the card as soon as you enter their home and arena, the arena 1 (Goblin Stadium). They are categorized as epic troop cards.

You will need to spend 3 of your elixirs to deploy the epic card on a battlefield.

Throw Them

As what mentioned above, the main ability of the card is to being thrown away to wherever you want to target the enemies. As soon as they arrive at the target then the barrel would break and there will be three goblins that would be out and start attacking the targets.

The way it works itself is quite the same like a rocket or a fireball where you can unleash the barrel to the area where you just cannot reach.

The most effective way to use the Goblin Barrel to use them to target your enemy’s crown tower as they would create a high damage on it. They even can crush the tower single-handedly if they have no obstacle that distract them.


Target the enemy’s tower right from your tower

One of a good way in using the card is, of course, to combine it with another card. you can combine it with a hog rider where the hog rider will hit the tower where you can throw the barrel right to the same tower the hog targets.

This certainly will work to create such damage to your enemy’s tower. The combo again will be very devastating if it combined with a card like Valkyrie where the girl will wash the swarm armies that trying to kill them.


The devastating hog + barrel

To use the goblin barrel using a mirror is effective as you can throw a double damage to a target. But it is advised to look at the response of your enemy. It is better to throw the first barrel and look at your enemy’s response if they for example using arrows to kill the goblin.

The same as the other goblins, the goblins that are in the barrel are parts of the cheap cards. The natural counter to them is, of course, the arrows as the arrows would dismiss them right away.

The spell cards like the fireball or the rockets will dismiss them but it will possess a negative elixir trade. The kamikaze effect of the fire spirits also will be effective to dismiss the goblins.


The air troops will dismiss the goblins like usual

As the goblins can’t attack the air then all of the air troops would also dismiss them. Most effectively to use the minion horde as they would be washed quickly.


To look at the card that only spending 3 of your elixir then the card is certainly could offer much for you and I think it deserves a place in your decks. The card is one of my favourite cards anyway.

Well, that’s opinion mate. Again, since the Kingdom’s file is a discussion platform, then everything you want to say you can share it here.

If you guys have better, or more interesting tips using the card then you are all free to share it here.  Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss them.

We also have reviewed something like the best deck to use the Goblin Barrel where you can check it out here 

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Okay and I think that’s all from me for this card. we’ll meet again. God bless you all.