Hi, everyone! Come back again with me, verd. Today I will give you a great combo to jack up your counter-attack, and it can make you win pretty easy. Sounds great huh? Alright, let’s check this out.


Some people combine one troop with another one, and commonly they formulate the big HP card with high damage card. That’s the standard strategy to start your counter-attack, but keep in mind that you should wait until your Elixir is full because the troops which you will launch are high-cost Elixir and you don’t want to waste your elixir by deploying a giant for example without any strong backup like the wizard.





Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Play This Deck


Troops Combo

Giant and Wizard



When you counter your enemy, you have to choose only one troop to be the primary striker so you can focus on guarding or maybe divert your enemy from attacking your central striker until the striker can get close to the enemy’s tower and start attacking. The best choice for the striker is Wizard. It is because the wizard can strike both ground and air so this genius can go straight approaching the enemy’s tower while your giant is guarding him. The second reason why wizard is the best option is that he can deal with the area, so, if there are minion horde or skeleton army try to block the giant, the wizard can attack enemy’s troops, and by his almighty power, the enemy will liquidate instantly. When this happens, your giant can go without any obstacles till your wizard can counter the enemy’s tower.




Zap and Fireball

zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom fireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom


Nah, if you use the combo of giant x wizard, you might want to enclose freeze spell and rage spell to enhance your giant and wizard when they attack the enemy’s tower. When you put them together, you have 80% chance succeed of destroying your enemy’s tower. However, if you want to use low-cost Elixir, you can use zap rather than high-cost Elixir spells as long as it can support your giant and wizard. 







Remember this is the counter-attack combo, and you can’t use it for defense because it isn’t efficient. The combo for attack and defense should be different, and since we have limited elixir, we have to be wise in choosing the combo. Not only that, but we also have to be able to deploy our troops’ position. For example, if we want to have giant x wizard combo, you had better put the giant at the behind of your tower, then wait till the elixir reaching about 7-9 then you can release wizard alongside with the giant. The next step is depending on the situation, if the enemy launch the troops to block the giant’s flow and the troops are a bit hard to fight, you might want to release freeze spell on enemy’s troops, or you can put your additional troops to support your giant and wizard.


Giant x wizard is the perfect combo since they have high HP and damage, yet, this is optional. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment below. Cheers!