We have a remarkable Clash Royale Giant Skeleton and Sparky combo deck, and these two are the main cards. This is it guys, Giant Skeleton Sparky combo Deck! Let’s talk about the best strategy, how to counter and defense, and there are some secret strategies that we can run in countering before 2x elixir. 


Guys, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy. In this cloudy day I’m gonna talk about a discovery which hopefully can get you more victory. In my previous article, I combined Sparky with a Giant, and yes that’s an extreme and dreadful.

However, in most cases, the Giant walks forward because he always focuses on the building and the Sparky left behind. So sad, huh? Nah, you don’t need to worry about sparky being left behind anymore because I replace Giant with the Giant Skeleton.

First of all, Giant Skeleton turns out to be a perfect match for the Sparky, which has bomb explosion whenever he dies can be a good match. He won’t leave the Sparky and be with Sparky always because he counters everything in front of him. That’s good for Sparky having a tanker in front, and it increases the chance of the thunderbolt to be succeeded. On the other hand, we also utilize its dead effect to kill everything around Sparky.

We all know that a Giant Skeleton is so vulnerable and retarded, easy to be distracted. By the presence of Sparky, we can expect both of them to make a mutual unification. Sparky will kill everything that distracts the Giant Skeleton. And the Giant Skeleton will tank Sparky anytime. Because of this mutual unification, we will more likely succeed Giant Skeleton in reaching enemy’s tower, which is usually a hard thing to do. 

Giant Skeleton Sparky Combo


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

As you can see that we also have Baby Dragon, which is an excellent splash damage protector for sparky. Whenever the opponent blocks our Sparky with their spawn troops, the Baby Dragon will spurt the fire on them.
We also have Minions which can support the Sparky attack by its direct damage.

Baby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

So far, we have two air cards, Baby Dragon and Minions. We will set air units troops as the supports for sparky because we don’t want our support get killed by both air and ground units. At least, we can avoid one of them; prevent the ground counter.


Other air troops in this deck Mega Minion and Bats. We can use Mega Minion to be a damage dealer whenever we defend against incoming troops. Followed by Bats to counter back. Both cards deal with direct damage, and it will be a perfect counter if we face against Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Knight, etc.

We should have direct damage dealer to prevent those mentioned troops. The enemy can just send a knight to destroy sparky, and we won’t let that happen. Knight, with high HP, will survive from baby dragon’s splash damage. That’s the reason why we should have high damage dealers.


Next, we have two spell cards which are necessary. We can place Poison to diminish everything in front Sparky. Or else, place it on the tower to reduce its HP. Poison helps our supports whenever the supports counter the enemy while protecting the Sparky. Poison is also cheap and can deal with both air-ground units. We need it guys, it eases everything.

Meanwhile, Zap is optional, and you can replace it by anything you think better. Specifically, I use zap to kill the Goblin Barrel and to reset the Inferno cards from its gradual damage.

Synergize Counter Combo

1. Giant Skeleton and Mega Minion + Poison

Combine the counter with Poison, always

You can combine Giant Skeleton and Mega Minion in one countering line. This counter is better root from defensive Mega Minion first. Then, combine these counter troops with Poison. 

2. Sparky and Baby Dragon + Poison

Similar to counter with Giant Skeleton, support Sparky with Poison

A lot of players use this combination. They both are good because Baby Dragon can counter the swarms troops which are the most common card used to fight sparky.

How to counter in 2x elixir?

Nah, you should now this combo for sure. In the ultimate combo, we have a Giant Skeleton, Sparky, Baby Dragon, and Bats. Don’t forget to play the Poison. Always use it when the Sparky and Giant Skeleton are about to reach the enemy tower. It will reduce the troops’ HP, as well as the tower.

Therefore the HP of everything that counters your ultimate will be automatically reduced. If the ultimate is successful, either Giant Skeleton succeeds deliver the bomb or Sparky will shoot its thunderbolt.

Play defensive Sparky first, then deploy Giant Skeleton on the bridge

Two things that rarely happen; Sparky shoots thunderbolt to the tower and Giant Skeletons drops the bomb on the tower. With this ultimate, one of them will succeed, trust me.

How to defend?

You can simply use the Mega Minion and Baby Dragon as the defenders leader. Use all flying units defensively by relying on Baby Dragon and Mega Minion as the damage receiver. 


Mega Minion is no.1 defender, use it to handle non-swarmy troops

Remember guys, you don’t always have to combine Sparky with Giant Skeleton in countering. I believe that combo could only happen in 2x elixir due to expensive elixir cost. Therefore, I give you alternative counter combo that separate Giant Skeleton and Sparky. You can match Sparky with Baby Dragon (as I recommend earlier) and Giant Skeleton with Mega Minion. 

In these alternative counter, always have Poison to support the attackers because our both winning condition are vulnerable against swarmy. And by the presence of Poison, you don’t need to worry anymore. Poison will burn any ground and air units. 

Card replacement


Substitute Baby Dragon with Executioner or Wizard


Substitute Zap with Tornado


Well, what do you guys think about this deck and strategy? I hope you love the article and should you questioning about something, please feel free to leave your question below. And please correct me if I’m wrong.

See you again soon for another awesome article, Good luck!