Tuesday bloody Tuesday over here! Good morning folks. Okay, let’s just get on the table. The Giant Skeleton Night Witch Clone deck!


What kind of deck is it? Well, you know Giant Skeleton is one of the most effective tank cards and today we would double him up with some cloning.

See the deck? Okay here it is

Giant Skeleton Night Witch Clone deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

Play This Deck

Giant Skeleton as the tanker while you have Night Witch and Hog Rider as the damage dealers. The other cards in this deck would be a great support to do the combination.



Ice Spirit is the most effective cycling card. It only costs one of your elixirs. Besides that, it can freeze anyone in the battle.

Bats are our main air swarm army. They also cheap but you can’t argue that they offer a great addition to your deck in defending or attacking. They are great to face all the enemy’s tank cards.

Zap as usual would be our card to clear all the cheap cards.

hog rider-building targeting card clash royaleknight-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Hog Rider is one of our damage dealers. He is fast, he can jump the river. What else can you argue with that?

Knight is the most effective defensive unit because he is cheap. He is able to absorb the enemy’s attack just like a tank card. To help creating a push then he is good.

giant_skeleton-clash-royale-kingdomnight witch card-clash-royale-kingdomclone card

Our main combination that we would try to do later in the game. Giant Skeleton would be the main tanker to the troops behind him. He also carries a bomb, it is a good addition, of course.

Night Witch is the legendary card we bring. Well, she is legendary and deals a great damage. That’s it.

Clone then is the spell card to clone this combination. Double them up and creating double damages is the thing we would try to do.


Early Minutes

In the early game, we would try to do the surprise attack. Unleash the Hog Rider right on side of the bridge to make him jump the river.

Deploy the Bats at the same time. This is to prevent the Hog Rider from the swarm army. Let them fly and run.

We would aim for such damage on the targeted tower. This is also effective to check what the enemy’s response and what cards on their deck.

By this time, you can play in accordance to what your enemy’s response. This deck is a versatile deck to that. Just keep your tower safe and not being destroyed by the enemy.

A little surprise from the Hog and Bats 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

And this is the time to do our main combination. Deploy the Giant Skeleton right behind your king tower. Let him walk.

The moment he reaching near the bridge, then deploy the Night Witch just behind him. You can add Knight, Bats or even the Hog Rider to do this push. It is up to you.

Don’t forget also to have the Zap ready. This is again to prevent a distraction from the enemy’s troops.

The time they reaching near your targeted tower, it’s time to clone! Clone them all and make a double damaging effect.

As soon as this happened, I bet your enemy will be overwhelmed and you have a great possibility to crush a tower of course.

The Big Cloned Skeleton Witch destruction 


This deck is a quite attacking deck in my opinion. But as long as you can adapt to it then I bet you can finish the job as a winner.

Okay folks, that’s all I got today. As usual, unleash all of your thoughts in the comment section down below if you have something to say.

I’m out for a walk now. Cheers!