Hey there, how are you today? I’m JohnnyBoy here back again to help you master Clash Royale. In today’s article, we are gonna be talking about a very solid, strong, and full of trick deck of Giant Skeleton. This is glorious Giant Skeleton without legendary card needed, so, for those who are looking Giant Skeleton deck without legendary, you’ve come to the right place. I’m also very sure that you have all card that I give you as the deck matchups.


So, we would match Giant Skeleton with Goblin Barrel as no.2 winning condition. We don’t need to worry if the enemy distracts our Giant Skeleton, because we have 3 goblins who would go reckless. As you all know, Giant Skeleton is a quite retarded troop which have a great bomb damage.

By this tactic, we would utilize his retarded behaviour and great ability to support Goblin Barrel. Alright, before we go on the gameplay guide, let’s take a look at the deck matchups first.

Giant Skeleton deck without legendary


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

See, there are no legendary cards needed. I believe legendary card might affect your battle performance, but, it’s all depending on your skill.


So, there is Wizard which is no.1 area dealer. The man on hoodie would protect the Giant Skeleton delivering the nuclear on enemy’s tower. I prefer Wizard instead of other area dealer because he has highest area damage compared with Executioner, Witch, or Baby Dragon.

We need the highest area damage dealer, so, he can kill Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, etc which sent to interrupt Giant Skeleton. It would be so easy for Wizard to do the job, and he would kill those swarmy so instantly.

Wizard is also our area defender. So, use it when you face incoming Horde or even heavy Giants with supports.

skeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Next, we have Skeleton Army. We can send them to defend and counter. You must know already how they perform in defending. However, in countering, they can join the Giant Skeleton and be enemy’s target.

By doing so, we actually force the enemy to deploy area dealer to kill those skeletons. And if they deploy area dealer, they won’t have any specific troop to deal with our Giant Skeleton. Guys, area dealer won’t affect the Giant Skeleton significantly.

Anyways, we just need Giant Skeleton to arrive at the tower. So, if there are no troops for distracting him, he will make it to the tower. Don’t worry, we have Wizard to cover him from distraction.


Another important support is Poison. This one is a must. In case the enemy can kill your Wizard first, you still have area dealer that can cover Giant Skeleton.

inferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

On defense, we have Inferno Tower and Minions. I think if you don’t have a craze damage dealer for defense such as Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon, or Sparky, you need Inferno Tower. As the tittle says, this is Giant Skeleton without legendary.

Having Inferno Tower means that your deck is anti-tanker. And somehow, if the enemy bring Zap, this would be serious zap bait deck. Remember, you have Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Army in countering.

If the enemy for some reason use the Zap to reset Inferno Tower, you would have safe passage for Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Army.

Lastly, you have Zap. This one is minor support for countering and defense. But sometimes, this spell is what you really need in that moment.

Okay, enough talking about cards function, let’s move to the gameplay guide.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, you can go countering with Giant Skeleton. But, you better play safe in early game because Giant Skeleton costs you 6 elixir, and 5 elixir for Wizard. These are primary counter cards. 


In early game, you better play defensive with Inferno Tower

To run both in countering, you can deploy Giant Skeleton first. Then, if the enemy deploy bridge spam, you defend only with Wizard. Deploy Wizard in safe spot, so he can survive.

Here, you should accept the fact if your enemy harms your tower. That’s the risk of playing with heavy troops guys.

Next, if Wizard and Giant Skeleton survive from defense and go on counter, you counter push with Poison instead of Goblin Barrel.

It is because you don’t know already what enemy cards are, in case they have Horde or Goblins to distract. We should be prepared for that, even you have Wizard already.

This is your first attempt guys. And now, you should be ready for defense.

How to defend?

In defending, you have Inferno Tower as no.1 defender. This time, we can play zap bait. We don’t want the enemy to zap the Inferno and reset it. To play the bait, you send Skeleton Army near the Inferno area.

However, you should launch them not too close with the Inferno, so the enemy will have to choose which one to zap first.

Furthermore, we have Minions too. Use this one to specifically kill non-area dealer. You can use the Giant Skeleton and Wizard for defense too.


Defense with Skeleton Army and Giant Skeleton is the root of counter attack

If you have Giant Skeleton in defense, you would have a great defense. The enemy shall past him by killing him of course. And if they kill him, they would 100% die because of great damage from bomb after death.

What to do in late battle?

When you enter 2x elixir, this is the time to play Goblin Barrel. Start countering by sending Giant Skeleton behind the tower. Then, you send Wizard behind Giant Skeleton once your elixir is enough.


This is right deployment order in countering. Build Inferno Tower might be necessary

Then, you better deploy Goblin Barrel first after the enemy targets on Giant Skeleton. At this moment, you can support this counter with Poison, or Zap.


Throw Barrel once the tower targets on GS

I highly recommend you to build Inferno Tower after you deploy the Barrel. You’d never know when enemy deploys bridge spam. So, be prepare for it.

Card replacement


Substitute Poison with Fireball

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Minions with Bats


This time, you have a great Giant Skeleton deck without legendary card needed. In fact, common, epic, and rare cards can perform equally than legendary card.

The article also shows you that you don’t always need legendary card to support Giant Skeleton, and if you assume that you can’t win because of lack legendary, you are not fully right guys. It’s all depending on how synergize your deck is, the strategies, and patient.

What do you think about this deck and strategies? Let me know your thought and suggestion by leaving comment down below.

See you again soon in another article and have fun!