For those who are looking for Clash Royale Giant Skeleton deck trophy push, this is it! Let’s see how to play Graveyard and Inferno Dragon in this immortal, strong, and best Giant Skeleton deck. Strong defense is the key, and in this best Giant Skeleton deck trophy push, we have a very best and solid defense line up.


Hey there, it’s me JohnnyBoy ready to rock your day! Today, I’m gonna share the best Giant Skeleton deck for trophy push that I’ve ever made. I’ve been looking for several combinations cards that are very good for trophy push deck and this one is exceptional! This is an excellent deck for trophy push deck because you have a timeless and strongest defense line up that is hard to compromise. Well, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Giant Skeleton deck trophy push


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

So, we will play extra defense and then counter push with Graveyard. That’s how it is guys. And while you defending, try to deploy Giant Skeleton to join other defender. So, you’ll have him in counter push. 


Graveyard is the primary spell card in this deck. The counter archetype that we have in this deck is combining Giant Skeleton and Graveyard. Graveyard suits perfectly in this Giant Skeleton deck trophy push. This one can gain your chance to destroy the tower.


Alright, there are 2 tiny tankers in this deck which main duty is to defend the lane. They are Valkyrie and Knight. I like these 2 tiny tankers because they perform effectively. We can set them as damage receiver, deploy one of them as the first card to hold any incoming troops.


Next, we have a ranger Musketeer. I often use this one to help Valkyrie or Knight. Otherwise, since she is hybrid troop, we can use her to defend against air counter. But, the best way to play defensive Musketeer is not to deploy her as the damage receiver. We can combine her with Inferno Dragon.


Speaking air counter, we have the strongest air unit, Inferno Dragon. My biggest reason to choose Inferno Dragon in this Giant Skeleton trophy push is because we want to guarantee winning the game. And for that reason, we need to anticipate any beatdown counter where there are tankers followed by supports. Inferno Dragon is very excellent in countering any tanker such as Lava, Golem, Mega Knight, Pekka, etc.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Minions is the next card which we use to be helpers. We can use them anytime in both defending and countering. But make sure to deploy them when the enemy’s attackers target on our tiny tankers or Inferno Dragon. Then, we send them to be assassins.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you should make sure that you wait until elixir reaches full bar. Then, I recommend you to defend the lane and make sure it’s solid. Use the list of defenders I gave you above. At the first defending, please not to show the enemy so early that you have Giant Skeleton, it’s later.

If you are defending with Valkyrie and there are Inferno Dragon or generally a tiny tanker and another defender, you can counter back with a solid Graveyard push. This time, you utilize the remained defenders HP to tank the Graveyard.


Remained defenders still have high HP, counter push with Graveyard!

Despite we can harm the tower, we also cycling Graveyard to get Giant Skeleton and other defenders ready to defend. We don’t play Graveyard for defense, but there are still situations that force you to do so.

Alright, after you have the first Graveyard counter push, it’s time to go back on defense. Now, you can show the enemy that you Giant Skeleton which is the sign of bad thing. In defending with Giant Skeleton, make sure that you have more than 8 elixir and Graveyard ready on the list. So, you won’t wait too long for Graveyard launch. 


GS def on the bridge, bad sign!

However, in defending with Giant Skeleton, make sure not to lose his HP so much. We need to send helper (if necessary) to help Giant Skeleton in defending in order to keep his healthy.

Deploy GS for defense when you have above 8 elixir to get Graveyard so soon

Then, you deploy Graveyard on the tower when Giant Skeleton be the tower target. At this moment, you don’t need to worry if the enemy distract Giant Skeleton to everywhere, which is so annoying that often happen.

So easy to distract, GS is retarded, but we are not. Graveyard time! 

You have Graveyard back there, and if the enemy choose to spend their elixir to distract Giant Skeleton, that’s good for Graveyard. 
Well, that’s the basic counter defense that you can run in early game.

What to do in late game?

In late game, you basically run the same counter archetype similar to early game. But, in 2x elixir, the enemy might have great counter. And to anticipate it, you can play defensive Giant Skeleton as the wall that can’t be compromise.

GS for defense can’t be compromise dude, it’s hard!

I the enemy counter so massively, I often play defensive Graveyard as well, because your card rotation sometimes bad and you don’t have suitable counter card.


No free ride for Prince and Dark Prince!

Another thing you can run in 2x elixir to have more troops in defense, including Giant Skeleton, and then counter push with Graveyard. Since you’ll have plenty elixir this time, you can always support the countering with Zap.

Card replacement


Substitute Valkyrie with Executioner

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomarchers-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Minions with Bats or Archer


Guys, the best strategy to do in trophy push is to push harder and harder. Sometimes the best way to defend is to attack more. Meaning, if your enemy also play good and great in countering, you need to more focus on countering at the opposite lane. Don’t late enemy force you to defend again and again.

That’s Giant Skeleton trophy push, feel free to copy the deck and check yourself how good this Giant Skeleton deck trophy push is. Good luck guys!