Hohho.. Giant Skeleton! I mean.. Hey, guys! Verdaccio here. I’m back to you with another combination card guide to share. This time I try to update a combo guide of mine.


It’s going to be the Giant Skeleton combos. Every deck that contains this big bone as the leading actor. Therefore, this combo is actually quite solid but a hard counter does exist for the deck, it’s not unbeatable, but ideally, you will want to try to maximize it with your play style.

First of all, sit back, relax and let’s go!


The Combos

The first one comes from the combination of the Giant Skeleton and Witch/Wizard. 


With the Witch and her Skeletons

This is quite an easy-peasy combo. I think most of you have already know how it works. Yup, just put the Witch at the back of your Giant Skeleton. Easy, right? Hence, she will work as the protector of the big bone, removing any swarm army in the way. As for the Skeletons, they can be whatever they want to be.


Go to the second combo. It is the combination of the Giant Skeleton and one of the damaging spell, Lightning, etc.


Wrecking thunder!

If you find the enemy’s counter to the big guy is only a defensive harmful building such as the Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Tesla, etc. The use of the Lightning spell is quite impressive to those building. As a result, Lightning is considered to be the most efficient in destroying them and assisting the big bone in delivering the bomb.


Third one, with the Valkyrie.


Skeleton army! Where are you!

Due to it is a situational combo, when you find the troublesome comes from any ground troops especially the rangers, you can use Valkyrie to wipe them all. Soldiers such as the Archers, Musketeer, Wizard, etc., will be vulnerable against your Valkyrie. Most noteworthy, she is rather a tanky land troop which can also be a support in delivering the Giant Skeleton’s bomb to the enemy’s tower.


Fourth, combined it with the Balloon.


Double bomber

A combination with a building-targeting card can be an excellence attempt in destroying the enemy’s base. However, it will make the Giant Skeleton job’s even harder to deliver the bomb. At this rate, you might want to consider in using any other support card to both cards. I usually use this combo when it comes to the double Elixir mode since the deck will be nicely cycling.


Next, with Houses (Goblin Hut & Furnace)


Crush them crush them crush them!

Yes, a spawner style is currently thought to be a meta combo. It is actually pretty smart. Here’s what I’ve experienced with this combo. First of all, they will put the Goblin Hut or Furnace on the middle ground, close to the crown tower just like a regular spawner play. Also, they will play defensively with those two houses. They will not deploy just yet the Giant Skelly, and they will wait for the enemy’s attack. Both houses will make some little pushes toward the lines. They will deploy the Giant Skelly after the Spear Gobs, and Fire Spirits are gathered enough to support him. Those small armies will help the big bone from behind clearing the way.


With the epic spell card, the Poison


Chernobyl is here!

Sup, this is a nice one. Another easy-peasy combo. Well, still this is a situational combo, though. If you find the enemy’s counter to your Giant Skeleton is only a weak little swarm army, this option is the best choice for the situation. Most noteworthy, place the Poison just right so it will help clear the way for your Giant Skelly.


Cheap but no cheapo


Minion Horde? Be my guest!

Combination with the Log and Fire Spirits is just a nice way to play your Giant Skeleton. Why? Most of all, keep in mind that the effective way to deal with Giant Skeleton is with the swarming army. That’s the reason to address effective counter is with the efficient cards. With the Log to wipe ground troops and the Fire Spirits for the air forces, they are just awesomely cheap but, useful.


Alongside the Inferno Dragon


Bzzzzzzz… Boom!!

Guys! This is a good way to deal if the counter to your Giant Skeleton is a high damage dealer. Cards like, P.E.K.K.A/mini, Elite Barb, etc. Since they can deliver so much pain to the Giant Skelly therefore, you might want to consider using the Inferno Dragon to wipe them out of the existence easily.


Walking with the Mega Knight!


Stay down!!

Meta!! This is just insanely meta right now. It can be an unbeatable combo as for your enemy does not have any powerful air troops. Especially relevant, in double Elixir time, usually this combo will be launched, with the right placing and timing, there’s no counter for this one since the users will also prepare any damaging spells, though. Furthermore, it only requires three cards for this to work.


Sparkling sparkle from the Sparky


Blow it all!!

Finally, the last but not least comes from the laser beam producer. Consequently, Sparky is the highest damage dealer in the game. She can wipe anything in front of the Giant Skeleton, even any tanker like P.E.K.K.A/mini, Valkyrie, Knight, or Giant/Golem used to kite the big bone. In conclusion, sparky will wipe them in no time.


Well, that is all from me guys! If you have some suggestion or question or anything to add, please! Feel free to fill in the comment column down below. Verdaccio, cheers!